Web Design Tips: Backgrounds, which Would Be a Better Fit for Your Website


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We often leave a humble part to a website background. Your brain thinks something like: It’s simple; I just need to upload an image. Then, you switch your attention to the things that are more complex. However, the choice of the right background is the key to the positive first impression of your website guests.

Why Does the Background Matter?

Do you know how long it takes for our brain to form the first impression? Scientific studies have shown that it takes about 50 millisecond (0.05 seconds) for first impression to be formed. This is not the time span to appreciate small details.

Another study shows that first impression is 94% design-related. What matters here is website color scheme, the overall amount of content, and (yes, here it goes!) the background. You should apply careful consideration to your website background and make it impressive but not dominant.

Tips to Find the Right Design for You

1) High Resolution Only!

The worst thing that you can do to your website background is to find the image with low resolution for it. On your website, it will look grainy and low quality. You don’t want it to resemble Windows 95 wallpaper, am I right?

There is a huge choice of high-quality stock photos on the net that you can get free or pay a reasonable price for them. You’ll find huge collection of stock images at such website as Big Stock, iStock, Fotolia and GettyImages.

Small tip: If you want your background image to display people, go for authentic photography, rather than for stock photos. Real people in real situations elicit a stronger emotional response than edited, poised looks. Fish for such images on the net or even try taking your own conceptual photos 😉

2) Background is a Part of Your Brand

A frequented mistake is that people find the background image they like and then try to fit it into their brand. Then they get the clash between their website design and corporal identity and website guests feel that there is something out of place.

Creating your website doesn’t start with the background. First, you should have the clear vision of your brand in mind, and just then find the picture that compliments it and fits your website style.

I find this to be a great example of how background image makes people pay attention to corporate identity. The people on the right invite every site guest to check out what they are looking at, and these are your website logo and slogan.

3) Go Fullscreen

Fullscreen background image trend still rocks. A fullscreen image gives a sense of immersion and 3D depth and makes the website memorable and visually rich. So, if you feel like going for a sound statement and have the image that is better than a thousand words, go for it!

4) Add Motion with Background Video or Cinemagraphs

Adding a background video is a good idea for creating modern, atmospheric, visually abundant website. The main pros of using the video on your website are the following:

– It’s engaging. If the video is beautiful, intriguing or funny, website guests will stick around to watch the video, as well as to further explore your website.

– It’s informative. Background video can add to your website contents and actually show something that is dynamic. For instance, it can show someone using your product, or uncover some glimpses of the production process.

– It’s cutting edge. Using background video shows that your website utilizes latest technologies and sends much more positive message to your visitors.

Cinemagraphs are the new hype of web design. They are still photos, in which just some minor movement occurs, creating first the effect of a still image, but then surprising your website guests with its motion. Cinemagraphs have been proven to be effective in decreasing bounce rates, so consider finding the one that matches your website design.

Small tip:If you go for a background video or for a cinemagraph, do not overdo with motion. The background should complement the contents and play second part, not otherwise.

5) Mind the Contrast

When choosing the background, you should be concerned about readability. This is a BACK-ground. It’s meant to stay on the back because your content is what really matters. If it’s hard to read what is written on your beautiful background, who would ever read it? Do not go for images with rich textures, some parts of which can have the same color with the text.

A good background image is the one that makes the content stand out and attracts attention to it. To see great examples of backgrounds that mind readability and boost website design, check out these WordPress photography themes by TemplateMonster. For WordPress installation and theme setup contact HTML Pro Professionals.


Backgrounds do matter. They are what influences website guests’ first impression and what makes people want to stay on your website and explore. To find the winning background, go for visual material of high quality (be it an image, a video, or a cinemagraph) that marries into your brand and corporate image. To add modern zest to your website, go for fullscreen backgrounds and Cinemagraphs.

Take backgrounds seriously, test what works best for you, be creative and you’ll definitely find the background that makes your website stand out of the crowd!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop a line in the comments section!