How To Use Your Customers To Bring You More Customers

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The world is changing…If you are to effectively engage with new customers online today… you are going to have to do more than simply interrupt people watching TV, walking down the street or on their Facebook news feed.Click through rates for business to consumer adverts are decreasing: Read more

Call for Schools to Prepare Future Tech Workers with Best Coding Practices

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Increasingly the economy, and people’s lives, are becoming reliant on, and shaped by, computer science. Coding used to be viewed as an activity to be pursued only by specialists. But the enormous developments in technology over the last twenty years have changed that perspective. Websites, mobile applications, social media platforms and software are now mainstream and used by the public every day. Read more

Custom Web Design vs. Ready-made Templates: Which one is better?

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Deciding to launch a website many people face the question, which option is better for their project: a custom design or a ready-made template. On the Internet, there are lots of articles regarding this question. However, depending on whether this is a blog supporting a web studio or a template provider, the balance will inevitably tip in favor of one or another side. Read more

SSL To Become Mandatory For January 2017

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Google has recently announced a new update on the web searches which will be effective in January 2017.

What is Google About to do?

Google is going to add security icons on the search bar to warn users first. The HTTP connection has never been labeled as non-secure on chrome. Read more

Chrome Is Making Web Search Better

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To make web search more secure and better, Chrome is going to indicate a security icon in address bar. The HTTP connection has never been labeled as non-secure in Chrome. It is now said that beginning in January 2017 Chrome 56 will mark all HTTP pages that collects personal data e.g. passwords and credit card information as non-secure and will implement this on all HTTP sites for a long term.

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HTML Best Practices Every Front-end Developer Must Try

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Front-end coding on the first side looks very easy, but writing a clean, semantic, and cross-browser compatible code is a tough job. Sometimes we find ourselves limited the way pages are designed, but the validity of HTML code should not be compromised anyway. HTML is the most simple and easy language in the programming world and could become better by adopting proper standards and nice code format. Let’s have a look at some best practices which every front-end developer must try.

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10 Best Web Fonts of 2016

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Fonts play big role in web design industry and its importance has always been emphasized. As a designer choosing best web font is like choosing the best dress for you. Best web fonts are listed every year to make web designs look more clear, improved and elegant as before, that is why designers have become very choosy in font selection.

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5 Reasons Your Website Needs Live Chat

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Oddly enough, the digitalization of our lives has made us a little uncomfortable with in-person dealing. The trend has begun to show in businesses as well where public speaking used to be the sole maker or breaker of the deal. Because brands have active online essences, customers find online interaction more feasible than physical interaction. This progression of online interaction coupled with the rapid emergence of e-stores gives you digitized customers who want digital support. Fair enough. If it is the demand of the masses and the need of the hour, then it is what you must provide on your website: live chat.

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How Shopify Themes Are Productive And Cost Effective?

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Shopify is a complete e-commerce solution for online goods. That allows you to sell your products in an organized way and provide a complete storefront look. Selecting the best premium Shopify theme for your online store can be challenging for developers — after all, there are plenty of themes available in Shopify store, plus much more are available on other marketplaces.

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How to convert PSD to HTML – A Tutorial For Beginners

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In previous post, we have discussed what is PSD to HTML? Now we see how to convert PSD to HTML, a beginner guide. Let me assume that you all get basic idea about PSD and HTML conversion. For a little recall, PSD is a Photoshop document which contain graphical design whereas HTML is standardized language for web development contain text files written inside tags.

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