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10 Best Web Fonts of 2016




Fonts play a big role in the web design industry and its importance has always been emphasized. As a designer choosing best web font is like choosing the best dress for you. Best web fonts are listed every year to make web designs look more clear, improved and elegant as before, that is why designers have become very choosy in font selection.

In this article we are going to list-up top 10 bet web fonts of 2016, which are super professional and highly improved. Also there is a little guide on font richness, font quality, font expansiveness and their digital rights. So let’s have a look!

Top 10 Best Web Fonts

Given are the 10 best web fonts for web designers that totally compatible tittles with body texts. These fonts are very flexible in use.

1. Myriad Pro



2. Ubuntu



3. Lobster



4. League Gothic



5. Roboto Slab


6. Oswald



7. Stalemate



8. Josefin Slab



9. Lato


10. Pt Serif




Font quality is always the center of attention when it comes creating a great web design. We find hundreds of sites over internet which offer free fonts. Free fonts mostly have critical issues when they are used in web designing. Some of the lagging issues are listed as,

  • Consistency in style with all letters
  • Botchy curves
  • Missing letters
  • Not completely crisp throughout

Whereas, when we talk about paid fonts, they are considered to be the most reliable one to use. Paid fonts also offer many free facilities as well. For a great web design, using paid fonts is always the best choice.

Digital Rights

Many of us don’t follow the license and agreements before putting fonts to their work. Well, this practice is wrong, because you have no idea even the free fonts over the internet if you don’t go through the license and agreements your work may get steeled and it will cost bad to both you and your client. License and agreements are specially documented to prevent from all the illegal cybercrime activities.
However, Premium fonts when purchased, can be used for commercial use like in client work, web use, etc. In many instances with fonts, that is the whole purpose behind their price.

Font Family

I hope many of you familiar with font families as web designers. While installing free fonts, font families are missing, WOW! this gives a headache. Font family provides a wide range in terms of styling and thickness. Also, it blend’s well if used the same one in the title as well as body text. It gives you wide options to make your design look better.

Given are the top 10 best fonts o 2016. While the ranking changes every day. But still, these fonts are used by many designers for their work. Let me know if you know any of the best fonts and also what fonts you guys mostly use while creating a design.

At, our professional website designers always use best web fonts while graphic and web designing.


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