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10 Essential Elements of a Best Ecommerce Website



essential elements of best ecommerce website
Running an online business is not as simple since many complex matters are involved. However, it becomes easier when you are following standards, latest techniques, and technologies. E-commerce business requires capital, exposure/experience, and constant hard work. There are several elements that matter in an online business and the most important aspect is the business website itself. An e-commerce website is different in aspects than other website types, therefore, it needs special features to help customers in easy and secure shopping.

One may find several ways of building an e-commerce website that includes web builders. However, it is highly recommended to get hands on experienced and professional e-commerce web designers and developers to create user-friendly as well as SEO friendly websites. Here, in this post, we are going to share the essential elements of a best e-commerce website. Here we go;

1. A User-Friendly Design with Easiest Navigation

In online business, website design plays a vital role to attract visitors and to convert them into buyers/customers. If a website has a user-friendly interface with the easiest navigation, it has more potential to convert visitors into customers. Easy navigation helps new visitors to find their desired products.

2. Cross Browsers & Cross Devices Compatibility

More than 70% traffic of total Google searches are made from smartphones and tablets and that ratio is increasing rapidly. In this scenario, a mobile responsive website is an essential element of an e-commerce website. You don’t know from which device and browser visitors will land on your website, therefore, it is essential to have cross browsers and cross devices compatible website for better user experience.

3. Load Speed – W3C Standards

Lower website speed is killer of online business. Fast loading speed of a website creates a good impression in visitors’ mind and reduce bounce rate. An ideal loading speed is between 2 to 3 seconds and average loading speed is up to 6 seconds. Ideal loading speed is achievable when your website HTML code is W3C valid and meeting all industry standards. An experienced/professional HTML developer can help in this scenario.

4. Highest Quality/Optimized Images

High-quality images can attract customers and urge them to buy the desired product – however, image weight should be as low as possible since heavy images can kill website speed. Therefore, every webmaster needs to be conscious about the image quality. Multiple images of the same product with different angles makes a product more prominent and attractive.

5. Product Features, Price, and Details

Products features and all important details are necessary to educate a visitor about a particular product. People don’t show interest in those products which don’t have features and necessary details attached to. The best e-commerce website should have a clear price and feature details along with brand name.

6. Secure & Easy Payment Process

E-commerce websites are mostly global and have to deal with customers all over the globe, therefore, a secure and easy payment process/merchant account is an essential element of the best e-commerce website. You never know a visitor has online buying experience in the past or not, therefore, buying and payment process should be simple, easy and user-friendly.

7. Search Box & Social Media Login Box

Usually, e-commerce websites contain thousands of products and sub-products; therefore, a search box is a necessary element to facilitate customers in searching desired products easily. Top e-commerce websites in the world are allowing their customers to login via social media sites and that feature helps customers in instant login option which is great for customer’s experience.

8. Social Sharing Option

Social media marketing is one of the greatest and useful mediums of marketing. Best e-commerce websites should have social sharing icons under every product to help visitors in easy social sharing. Social sharing helps to get new visitors as well as potential customers from social media channels.

9. Customer Service – Live Chat

Visitors usually spend less time reading detailed delivery process, terms and conditions, therefore, they always love to use live chat channels to get instant information about questions in their mind. In this scenario reliable, fast and easy chat software is essential element to educate customers. Contact us page and form is also necessary to easy reach out. My personal recommended software is: Bontact

10. Reviews & Rating Options

Before buying an item on an ecommerce website, many customers prefer to check product reviews and ratings given by other customers. Commenting section is also a best way to provide an opportunity to customers to speak about a particular product. Reviews and rating option for a product help customers in best product selection process.

How to Get Help Designing and Maintaining an Ecommerce Website?

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