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3 Ways to use Instagram Stories to grow your Business



3 Ways to use Instagram Stories to grow your Business

Social media is a powerful platform in the world, especially in the USA. You can grow your business in many ways by using social media platforms. However, you must have a strong knowledge of social media platforms, marketing strategies and other approaches to run your business successfully. Facebook is one the top of social media platforms to promote a business but Instagram is also getting popular day by day. There are many reasons for it. People love change, and for this reason, Facebook is slowly becoming outdated. Now Instagram has taken its place. Now you can use Instagram to promote your business. But the question is how you can use Instagram to promote and grow your business? The main thing, we will discuss in this article is Instagram stories. It will discuss how you can use Instagram stories to start building up your business in an effective way. Before starting you must know about the Instagram stories. Instagram stories are videos and pictures having stickers, clipart and text which disappear after 24 hours. According to a report almost 400 million people use Instagram stories daily. For marketing purposes you can surely create effective, grabbing and useful Instagram stories for the customers.

Get feedback from the people

How you can make your business successful without knowing the thoughts of the customers? It is almost impossible to run a business magnificently without knowing the opinions of the customers about the products and services of a brand or company. If you will not collect the feedback from your customers, then you will not be able to improve your products or make changes. To run your business successfully and to make your customers happy it is vital to get their feedback. Instagram stories are the best way to get all this. You can create an Instagram story using an interactive poll and let the people get engaged with your appealing Instagram story.

Start building your email list

Instagram stories help to build an email list and it is an effective way of email marketing. You can even get more followers and subscribers with this feature. You can add links to your Instagram stories, but for that, you must have 10k followers. Once you reach this target, now you can add the links of your home page or sign up page here. Make sure this option is visible to the users and from here you can start building your email list.

Bring traffic to your website or blog

Creating useful, informative and quality content is the first requirement of any marketing strategy. Similarly, here you also need to develop a blog or article for your website. You can now drive the traffic from the Instagram stories to your blog post. Whenever you post a new blog or article, you can drive traffic to it by creating an appealing Instagram story. It will bring more traffic to your blog but make sure the content quality must be high; otherwise, people will start unfollowing you. has experience in handling social media platforms for marketing purposes of several companies in the USA. We stay up-to-date with all the latest techniques; marketing tools and strategies to satisfy our customers worldwide.



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