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5 Reasons Your Website Needs Live Chat




Oddly enough, the digitalization of our lives has made us a little uncomfortable with in-person dealing. The trend has begun to show in businesses as well where public speaking used to be the sole maker or breaker of the deal. Because brands have active online essences, customers find online interaction more feasible than physical interaction. This progression of online interaction coupled with the rapid emergence of e-stores gives you digitized customers who want digital support. Fair enough. If it is the demand of the masses and the need of the hour, then it is what you must provide on your website: live chat.

Live chat comes with numerous benefits for your website and the business. Let’s explore some of these benefits.

1. Increased Sales

A customer who is browsing through your website is already interested in purchasing from you. Now, instead of sitting back with fingers crossed and counting on him to make the call to action, you can proactively engage him with the live chat feature. According to data collected by Zendesk and Zopim, 83% of people would gladly accept live support while shopping online. Why not tap into this lucrative feature preferred by so many of your customers?

2. More Qualified Leads

As most websites with a live chat experience report, visitors are mostly engaged customers who already know a good deal about the brand and its services. Some of them would still have specific feature questions they can’t find answers to on their own. This would cause them to delay or completely withdraw the purchase from your website.

Adding live chat to the website takes care of that. Helping a customer decide whether a certain product is right for him/her or not in that moment of high engagement is crucial. It’s a small data point which can get you extra qualified leads with minimal input of effort.

3. It’s Cost Efficient

A live chat will not only help you make money, it will also help you save money. While one operator can deal with only one person at a time through telephone support, live chat support operators can cater up to 5 customers simultaneously. Thereby, reducing the number of customer support staff you need to hire.

Moreover, there is no complex infrastructure or installations required to set up a live chat, just a simple piece of code and you’re good to go.

4. Improved Customer Web Experience

A recent study by Software Advice compared the many tools used by customer service channel. Guess who took the trophy home? Live Chat! It scored a soaring 73% in customer satisfaction channel, in comparison to 44% for phone and 61% for email.

That says volumes! Connecting with your customers in real time is really important for any budding business. Answering their questions and queries is importantly raised to the power of 2. And since the Millennial are most comfortable in online communication than any other means, that’s what businesses and their websites ought to adopt.

5. More Customer Data

As a business that consistently needs to target customers, old and new alike, no amount of customer data is ever enough for you, is it?  Live chat software provides an additional layer of data as a bonus to all of the aforementioned benefits. And I’m positive that your current tracking and attribution tools/methods could really use following useful data gathered in general by all live chat software:

  • Operating System/Device: gives you a heads up on whether the customer is viewing your site from a mobile device, tablet, or desktop as well as the operating system running on the respective device.
  • Time on Site: lets you know whether the customer has just come up on your site or been there for quite some time. This information can be used to familiarize customers with the site and its offerings accordingly.
  • Referring link: gives you important information on which site or link directed the customer to your site. You can use this to gauge what the customer is looking for and strike a conversation with them.
  • Idle/viewing: you can know whether the customer is actively scrolling through pages or idle, i.e. browsing through your content or just have the site opened in the background.
  • Number of site visits: helps you deal with new and old customers accordingly.
  • Location: customer’s IP address lets you in on their location.

All of this data can be leveraged to help guide customers better through the website and your products and later on re-target them.

These look like enough reasons to have live chat on your website. What will convince you further are trying it out yourself. The live chat software is easy to install and definitely reversible. And business websites, of all others, demand constant evolution and experimenting. So, what’s keeping you from having live chat on your website?

Team HTML Pro keeps in mind all above-mentioned points while designing a website as we are helping businesses to make their websites perfect in all aspects.



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