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6 Benefits of using CloudFlare Services



Cloudflare is a content delivery network that is the simplest way to optimize a website and secure online infrastructure for businesses. The system acts as a connector between the web hosting service provider and the user browsing a website. This system enables a website to load at a faster speed and also minimize the web hosting load. So basically, it is a central layer between a domain name and a web host service provider.


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  1. Free CDN

CDN, which is a content delivery network is provided by Cloudflare free of cost while on the other hand, other CDN services are expensive. The main benefit that you can get from here is that its integration is very easy, and it does not modify the URL.

  1. Do not require code variations

Another benefit of using CloudFlare is that you do not need to change the code. Its activation is quite easy, and there is no need to install the software. Just set up an account and select a domain you want to secure, and it will end up in providing you the superior performance.

  1. Improve the overall performance of a website

The traffic on any website is filtered out with the legitimate traffic flows, so a website hosting service can be used by potential customers with greater speed. The Cloudflare system also supports the dynamic content by requesting it from the server and as a result, the content will require less processing for the host server.

  1. Provide accurate website analytics

Website data analytics is obtained by enabling JavaScript, but with CloudFlare, you will get more accurate data analytics than JavaScript as it may lose some of the content due to blocked JavaScript content.

  1. Adjustment of images

Cloudflare also helps in improving the website loading speed by adjusting the images to a smaller size. You are free to pick either lossless or lossy compression of images. You can link with the Cloudflare to know how to resize your images for WordPress and other website platforms.

  1. Improve website hosting experience

Cloudflare improves your website hosting experience. It also helps you to access a rising international user community. It can quickly recognize any attack on a user and block it for the entire community. It also protects you from frequent threats including spammed emails, content, comments, and excessive bot crawling. Without intricate configurations of plugins and tools, it will dissuade most of the attacks spontaneously.

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