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An ultimate guide of Local SEO



An ultimate guide of Local SEO

Local SEO can be complicated especially when you run a business with multiple outlets in a country. It creates confusion when you have hundreds of outlets, and you want to get the visibility of all your stores at precise locations. It has been estimated that almost half of the customers who search for a local store visit it on the same day. It is therefore required to develop a proper local SEO campaign, and then you are not going to lose a single customer.

Dedicate definite web pages to each location

If you are running a huge business or brand, then you must have a website for it. This website usually represents your company as a whole. This method is not right. You need to dedicate specific web pages to each of your store locations. For example, if your store has 40-50 locations in one region, you must develop separate pages with all the relevant information. You need to differentiate between those pages by providing the name of outlet, address and contact information. In this way, it will help the visitors to easily find the stores nearest to them. You also need to add a Google map of each store individually for an accurate location. For location page optimization, you need to develop the Meta tags, content and description according to the location-specific keywords.

Use Google My Business

The next step is to use Google My business to generate the entries per location. After creating an individual location-specific URL, now you can create the separate pages or listings on Google My Business. To take the customers directly to their location-based store, you can connect your discrete URLs to the listing. You must make sure a few things before making it live. There should be photos of location; you need to verify each location and you need to choose the exact category like others. After completing this whole process, Google will send you the verification codes. It can take several days but in the end, it will help you to verify your business location and that will provide you with long term benefits.

Avoid inconsistencies

In the digital world, consistency is required almost everywhere. When you develop a location-based store and its web page, now you need to show consistency everywhere. For example, if you are running a restaurant in the USA, then you will not name your restaurant location as “Restaurant in New York”. You need to name your restaurant as it is. It will show the consistency of your brand and will create a positive image in Google rankings. There are plenty of tools that will help you to find out any inconsistencies in your business location and web pages. The two main tools are Moz Local and Manta. These tools will help you track any inconsistency. You can always correct them to boost your sales and remain on the top.

An incorrect submission can detriment the website reputation that is why takes care of your data and makes sure to use the links for local listing submission scheme under Google’s Penguin safe directories.



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