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Best Niches For Your Next Subscription Box Business



Subscription boxes

When it comes to surprises, who doesn’t love them? How about surprising your potential customers this Year by providing them with the most ecstatic subscription boxes! This is undoubtedly, a great way to kickstart 2018 and of course this way you’ll keep discovering new and exciting things. Without wasting any time, following are the top 10 niches that entrepreneurs can use to get into this subscription box business with the help of Cratejoy.

Beauty Box

sephora subscription box- html pro
This is the best-selling niche by far. Since there is a high demand for makeup, you can craft a box containing travel sized and deluxe sized high-end makeup brands, which will serve as a great value for money. This way you get to discover new products of the beauty world and surprise your own self. A beauty subscription box can be more than a way to pamper yourself, a high end brand does not mean you have the best value for money or the best quality product. Mixing and matching is the key; Sephora Play is the perfect example! You might just help find someone their all time favorite combination and get them hooked forever.


Clothing Box

gina subscription box- html pro

If you are a fashion geek, then this is the niche you can invest in. Everyone likes to stay updated with the latest fashion trends and if there’s some entrepreneur, who is providing the trends every month, what more can a customer want? This is how you start a Clothing subscription box:
If you’re subscribing to this clothing subscription box, the first thing you would need to do is create an avatar for yourself on the website. Based on that avatar, a personal stylist will be assigned to you for choosing 2-4 clothing pieces after going through your style profile. In case you don’t like what you’ve received, you can always get it exchanged within three days. Cool! Right? My Subscription Addiction does all the heavy lifting for the customer and people love anything that makes life easier. The personalized special treatment in a clothing subscription box is what appeals to the customer.


Organic Box

urthbox subscription box- html pro

Switching to a chemical-free lifestyle is hard but an incredible decision to make! With the passage of time, people are turning back to the old rituals and one of them is consuming organic food. How about launching an organic subscription box that brings you handpicked new treats every month including weekday snacks, skincare products and beauty or cleaning supplies. This will let you discover your new favorite natural products. Urthbox shows you how to get on the green path by embracing a healthy lifestyle!


Baking Supplies Box



The perfect present for a baking enthusiast! It could be an amalgamation of new baking supplies, tools, recipe books or anything related to it. Here is what you can do to make it unique; introduce a box for newbies, who would also love to bake a cake, cupcake, or pastries but are not sure where to begin with. Such subscription box offers prove to be God send for newbies. However, baking supply boxes like So Bakeable will also be greatly useful for regular baking experts, they can simply restock their pantry and supplies by a monthly subscription of the Baking supply box.


Toy Box

fred box subscription box html pro

Considering the fact that kids need new toys almost every week, since they get bored with the old ones easily, there’s a very evident market for toy subscriptions boxes. Working parents, who don’t find to time to take their children to the toy stores, will certainly subscribe to this toy box on a monthly basis, to keep their children engaged. Such boxes can also be given as a holiday present and can customized with the child’s age and interests. Fredsbox has survived the picky children and skeptical parents so far; so, it is good place to check out before you jump into this niche head first!


Stationary Box

paper gang subscription box- html pro

Everything is now in the digital form, but nothing can beat the old-school stuff that you owned as a child. Paper crafters and DIY enthusiasts still use stationary for making different things out of papers. Keeping this in mind, you can launch stationery subscription box that entails trendy materials for paper crafts, cool pencils, stamps or even school supplies. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? Paper Gang is cool a page to get your creative juices flowing!


Snack Box

snacksack subscription box- html pro

This is going to be everyone’s personal favorite. Who wouldn’t love receiving an assortment of snacks at their doorstep while they’re binging Netflix at midnight? Or when the food at home isn’t good enough? This snack box generally contains all the mouth-watering sweets, savory and downright delicious goodies that are worth having. Make sure they are full sized and not just sample sized snacks. A great way to rescue sudden hunger pangs! Snacksack is bound to make your mouth water while providing you with a stimulating idea for your subscription service.


Spa Box

glossy box subscription box- html pro

How do you feel about having your very own spa experience in a box? Add flowers, scented candles, bath bombs and spa products to give that amazing feeling right at home. Try to add in generous samples as well as non-beauty items such as chocolates that you can relish while indulging into a serene spa experience. Glossybox shows you the recipe for the perfect blend of spa products, samples and knick knacks to get your customers hooked.


Baby Box

sasst bloom box subscription box

This is one fantastic gift idea for parents or parents-to-be that are welcoming a new baby in the family. Wondering what can be added to a baby subscription box? Well, it usually contains baby care products, toys and accessories wrapped up nicely in the box. You can also feature mom and baby subscriptions too! Sassy Bloom adds just the right amount of ‘sass’ to their boxes making it hip and stylish! This is exactly why the customer will keep returning to your box.


Jewelry & Accessories Box

glitzbox subscription box- html pro

There’s always enough room in women’s closet for accessories and clothes. This is specifically designed for trendsetters, who love to carry that extra glam in their daily looks. The box could be inclusive of hand-picked jewelry pieces like chokers, earrings, studs or necklaces. Bag charms and scarves can also be added- plenty of mix and match options that even the pickiest woman would be happy with this box. With such a wide array of options you need a mentor that has the mastered the technique of designing accessory boxes, GlitzBox is exactly the kind of tutor you need.

Once you have decided the target niche the next step is an equally trendy website as your idea. Luckily HTML Pro has you covered. Having a team of gurus of Cratejoy, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Subbly etc., HTML Pro are serves clients by developing their dream Subscription Box Design.


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