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Best SEO & Content Marketing Tools That Are Going Strong in 2019



It’s 6 months into 2019 and the uphill climb of digital marketing and SEO is nowhere near its peak. Search engine optimization to this day still remains the most authentic and measurable way to rank your website higher on SERPs. There is no doubt that SEO is an art form dictated by science but a major part of SEO is knowing which tool to use and how to use it efficiently.

The interwebs are littered with tools that claim to be the best SEO & Digital marketing tools there ever were. But where do they actually stand? Here is our analysis.


1. Ahrefs: A Marketing Toolset

Ahref home


Ahref’s SEO Tool is one of the most detailed and accurate SEO toolsets there is. It’s definitely the tool for you if you are a full-service digital marketing agency and work on multi-industry projects from around the globe. Professional SEO service experts at HTML Pro utilize Ahref for their commercial projects and personal marketing as well allowing us to reap the full benefits of this multi-tool platform.

Ahref is the 2nd largest website crawler after Google! Their crawler can index up to 6 billion pages per 24 hours and the crawlers are designed in-house with no dependence over 3rd party software. Ahref terms itself as a “data company” where the data is collected, stored and mined so marketers can reap the full benefits of their hefty database and visualize the progress of their keywords.



  • Keyword Analysis
  • Site Explorer
  • Content Explorer
  • Rank tracking
  • Competitor Search


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2. Google Search Console

Google console home

You may be wondering why Google’s search console is placed at the second place in a list that is going to help you rank on GOOGLE itself! Well, think of search console as the TA that knows exactly what the teacher will be looking for in your exam. He will give you a hint and point out the issues But will he allow you to copy of the top student? Absolutely not! This is why Google Search Console scores the second on this blog because it is the TA in your SEO that will alert you of any issues or errors within your website however it will not allow competitor analysis or KW tracking. But is it less important because of it? The answer is still a big NO. who better than Google to tell you when your site is having errors that may affect its ranking. So let’s say that this one isn’t optional. But it’s free so what’s the issue? All you have to do is register your website and submit your sitemap.

Additionally, Google search console allows you a little more control over what pages of your website are indexed and which ones you choose not to show to the world making it a compulsory counterpart to your digital marketing strategy.


3. SEMRush: Marketing & SEO Tool

SEMrush home


It is safe to say that SEMRush ranks very close to Ahref when it comes to full-service platforms providing an array of tools assisting digital marketers. SEMRush was primarily designed as a competitor research tool to even out the playing field, where concerned with digital marketing. Now the company has hundreds of employees spread across three countries continuously working to make the experience of their wide audience better. SEMRush particularly takes the cake with content marketers as it offers a broad range of tools allowing you to analyze the SEO friendliness of your created content and the performance after it is posted. It is the holy grail for content creators conveying measurable statistics allowing to directly measure the readability and the performance of your content.



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4. Serpstat

Serpstat Home


Serpstat is another reliable tool when it comes to keyword research. It was initially designed as an in-house Keyword research tool Netpeak digital marketing but later evolved into a multi-feature platform and was launched as a product in the market The history of its development entrusts that a lot of time & effort has been placed in the development of this tool giving it a personal touch that allows the user base to place their trust in the software.  



  • Keyword Research
  • Search Analytics
  • Advertising Analysis
  • Content marketing Ideation
  • Competitor Research
  • Rank Tracking
  • On-Page Audit
  • Market Intelligence
  • Backlink analysis
  • API



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5. Moz: SEO Software

moz home


Moz or formerly known as SEOmoz is the brainchild of two digital marketers that created a community where SEO gurus could come together and share their insights. While the blog published researched and tested articles w.r.t SEO. It was created to reduce the ambiguity surrounding search engine optimization and Google ranking. To expand that vision Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig started to work on their own software that would deliver what they had envisioned when they started the company.

The Moz SEO software was a huge hit with their loyal community members and readers. Because just like their blogs the SEO software is top notch and up to speed. They also offer a free tool with limited functionality known as the Mozbar. Additionally, Moz did not abandon their initial business model which is why it is still a renowned and reliable platform to learn search engine optimization as well as practice it!



Moz pricing


6. Answer The Public: Free Content Marketing Tool


Answer the public hands down the best idea generation tool out there. The best part is that it offers significant functionality free of cost making it a favorite among content marketers. ATP uses Google’s autofill functionality to generate most asked questions related to your keyword. The user-friendly visualization of results and makes it easy to pick out the most popular and frequently asked questions. It isn’t just great for generating ideas for content related to SEO, it can also be directly utilized to update the FAQs on your and your client’s websites.

Suffice to say that Answer The Public is a great friend to content creators and marketers around the globe.



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