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How To Use Your Customers To Bring You More Customers



The world is changing…If you are to effectively engage with new customers online today… you are going to have to do more than simply interrupt people watching TV, walking down the street or on their Facebook news feed.Click through rates for business to consumer adverts are decreasing:

How To Use Your Customers To Bring You More Customers

Cost per acquisitions for business to consumer adverts are increasing:

How To Use Your Customers To Bring You More Customers

Why is this?

Simply because we trust businesses significantly less than we trust our friends. We used to get ALL of our information from large centralized organizations (governments, corporations or religions)…

But we now can take all the information we need from our social networks. And what does this mean for businesses? If you continue to rely on potential customers listening to you… you may not last much longer. Instead, there is a better way. A way to harness the power of you consumer to consumer communication channels. E.g. getting your customers to bring you more customers by creating authentic content after they buy.

As you can see from the images above, Micro Influencer posts (between 500-10,000 followers on social media) have 5x the CTR’s of Facebook News Feed Ads and cost per acquisitions that are almost 10 times less than Facebook News Feed Ads. But how do you do this? 3 simple steps…

1: Build A Strong Cause/Mission

People share because they want to show off their connection with your brand to their friends… We, therefore, need to develop a Cause and Mission for your brand that aligns with your customers. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Nike: Just Do It
  • AirBnb: Belong Anywhere

You can see that both of these Missions are not directly connected with their products but CAN connect with a specific group of people. So the question is… What are your cause and mission? When defined, you then need to communicate this at every opportunity with your customers (emails/website/blog posts).

2: Incentivise Effectively

You then need to add an extra special incentive that has a low economic cost to your but a high-STATUS value for your customer. It could be access to a special club, the ability to get reposted on your social media channels or just a small discount code for their next purchase. When done correctly, this will drastically increase the number of people creating and sharing authentic content for you after they purchase.

3: Automate

Once this is set up, it’s time to scale and automate. Automate so you can go and build the next profitable marketing channel (this is how you rapidly scale your business by the way). And it just so happens that I recently tested an application for a client’s Shopify store and it put this whole process on autopilot:

  • Inviting customers to post-purchase social sharing campaigns
  • Incentivising customers to share
  • Rewarding the customers that do share
  • Loading that content back onto the product pages on the store to increase conversion rates

It’s called Sneez ⇐ click here to create a free account.

I also reached out to the CEO Tom to ask if there is anything special he can hand over the HTMLPro readers and he has kindly agreed to jump on 2 15 minutes Skype calls with ALL that sign up through this link ⇒ Create your free Sneez account. He has 4 years experience with building businesses online so can advise on your brand, online marketing and getting your customers to bring you more customers (you can check out his background here).

And finally, if you have any friends that you think could benefit from getting their customers to bring them more customers… feel free to use the social icons below to send this post over to them.


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