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Can Duplicate Images Impact Your Website’s SEO Ranking?



Every business owner and a marketing person understands the risks involved when using duplicate or plagiarized content. However, many of us tend to believe that duplicate content is only limited to text. Well! That’s only half true.

Duplicate content can be of several types. It can even exist in image or video form as well. So, here, in this article, we will be discussing the impact of image duplication on a website ranking and Google’s stand regarding this.

Let’s start!

Duplicate Image Content: Can it Impact Your Website Ranking?

Everyone uses stock photos or the same photos repeatedly on a website. However, the implications for photographers or artists go beyond penalty. For instance, if an infringer posts a copy of a photo on their site, it won’t impact them directly or during that moment.

In other words, there is no penalty involved. But the original content creator can sue you for using their pictures. Can you afford that? Also, various surveys and studies confirm that websites containing original photos do better on Google than those which opt otherwise. While the intensity might not seem that alarming, this puts a question on using stock photos or free images for your website.

Why Should You Still Worry About Using Duplicate Images?

Like any other brand, Google is a company that makes sure its customers get what they want. So, it picks the most unique or relatable content that matches its user’s search intent. Since duplication bores the users, the search can’t lose its audience. This is why unique and original content is the only way to woo the search engine and your end-users.

This is why it suggests the marketers employ an impeccable SEO strategy. For starters, the designers responsible for uploading photos on the website must ensure their database doesn’t have any duplicate images. To avoid that, they can go for duplicates finder Gemini 2 and screen their systems for any possible variants.

Yes, there is no hard line against any duplicate images as of now. But what if it happens? That’s why it is crucial to employ measures right from the start to avoid any SEO ranking miseries.

Here’s what you must do!

  • You can use images or infographics from other sites but link it with the creators’ page to avoid any penalties later on.
  • Use stock photos. But modify them according to your theme to avoid any penalties in the future that might impact your site’s ranking. For instance, you can change the color or add any element to make it work.
  • Using original photos of your brand, products, or services will be more helpful than sticking to stock photos alone.
  • Make sure you go for image optimization on your site to improve the ranking of your website further.


Wrapping Up


To answer the question, “Can duplicate images impact your website’s SEO rankings,” the answer would be “No” for now! However, since the search engine favors originality, it would be better to opt for images that resonate with your brand rather than just sticking to stock photos alone.



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