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Chrome Is Making Web Search Better




To make web search more secure and better, Chrome is going to indicate a security icon in address bar. The HTTP connection has never been labeled as non-secure in Chrome. It is now said that beginning in January 2017 Chrome 56 will mark all HTTP pages that collects personal data e.g. passwords and credit card information as non-secure and will implement this on all HTTP sites for a long term.

The warning will first show in “Incognito mode” which will later roll over all HTTP pages. This change may also force site owners to switch on HTTPS, which encrypts transmitting data and prevent the site from malicious activities.

But wait! The issue is not only in chrome. Apple also declares early this year that app developers must focus their attention on HTTPS connections for iOS apps. Even Facebook has served articles on HTTPS – automatically adding security for readers even if they don’t get it on actual publication website.

Beginning in January, Google is going to label sites that collect confidential information as non-secure unless they’re protected with any dedicated IP and SSL Certificate service. For first, it will look like this

google update 2017

As it will role on all website, the warning will be displayed as

google update 2017

Why is SSL Certification Necessary?

SSL aka Secure Sockets Layer is the standard security technology for establishing Encrypted link between the web server and browser. It makes sure that all the data Passed between the web server and browsers remain private.

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