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The e-commerce industry is growing rapidly as more people are showing interest in buying products from online brands. That is why e-commerce entrepreneurs are putting more effort into creating interactive and professional online stores. The success of your e-commerce site mostly depends on the content you put in it. The website is more than just putting a product image and description; you have to go out of the way to attract the maximum audience and engage your customers to ensure success. In order to deploy a successful content strategy, you need to have an online store that backs up your efforts. Check out the Best E-commerce Software Development Companies to amp up your store!

E-commerce retailers find it a bit challenging to create share-worthy and compelling content for their targeted audience. Most of the pages of an e-commerce site do not get enough traffic because they don’t have something valuable for visitors. Writing content for an e-commerce site can be a bit tricky, as they are different from traditional websites; it’s more than writing blogs or articles or landing pages. Content creation is not an easy task but when you focus on it, the content will play its role in brand recognition, communication and customer engagement. So it is important for e-commerce brands to have a proper content strategy to attract customers and sell products.


Importance of Content Strategy and Why You Need it?

Most brands struggle with content strategy. The main reason is their misconception that a good content strategy is only for online publishers. Some brands know the importance of better traffic, systematic search rankings, brand recognition, conversion, and sales rates but do not know how to come up with a strong content strategy that gives great results. 36 percent of sites use a content strategy but only 6 percent know how to do it in the right way.  Your strategy should go beyond the basic home page and product description and should be well-integrated with the overall look-and-feel.
A well-planned strategy will help you to attract maximum web traffic without putting much effort. It is a powerful tool to grow your e-commerce business steadily. It also helps you to generate great leads which eventually results in conversions. Good content will generate four times more leads than simple marketing. A well-built e-commerce site will have proper content to educate your customers and to build healthy relationships with them. Provide your customer’s valuable information to create a satisfying experience with properly planned and managed content.


Types of Content

When we talk about ‘content’, we only think about it in the textual context. But it is not limited to that, there are different types of content that play a vital role in a successful content strategy. To compete in the highly competitive e-commerce market, you need to include several different types of content on your site for a more effective strategy. Let’s have a look at the main type of content which can boost your e-commerce marketing.


Use Videos/ How-to Videos

Video content will give your customers a detailed description of your products. Visitors will spend more time on your site and it helps to keep customers engaged for longer periods of time. Three types of videos that you can make for customers are:

Product videos

How-to videos

Funny/ emotional videos


Custom Images/Graphics

Selling and promoting your product with images is a smart way to captivate customers. Besides relying on simple images you can create custom graphics for better product promotion. You can use these images on home pages, in email marketing and in your blogs.


User-generated Content

People usually trust other customers before relying on images and videos made by the brands. So, work to add user-generated content to your site. Product reviews, FAQs, and client testimonials can help you get detailed insights of the products.



Making engaging ads and videos might be trending but you cannot ignore the importance of static content as an effective marketing strategy. It will be able to communicate better with the customers due to the presence of detailed information. Don’t always promote your product by creating an annoying sales pitch in your blog articles. Focus on educating your customers and genuinely helping them so you’re identified as a trust-worthy source.


Newsletters or E-books

Newsletters are usually sent to subscribers to introduce and promote new products. It should be a part of your email marketing strategy. E-Books are the type of digital content that you can download to get the detailed description of product and brand.


Strategy for an E-Commerce Site

Well-planned content can help you take your e-commerce site to new heights. Effective content can help you create the conversion, increase traffic and boost your online sales. But do you really know how to come up with the best content for your site? Here are some tips to make your content strategy more impactful.


Craft the Content for Better Results:

Crafting the content is the first step towards a perfect content strategy. It is all about planning, creating, distributing and managing the content on your site. It’s like a blueprint for all questions; why you need to publish the content?? What is your platform? And most importantly who is your targeted audience?


Optimize the Content:

Good content is indexed in the database of the search engine. So, if you need a strong strategy for your site, try to optimize your content for Google and other search engines as well. It will increase your visibility and ranking.
Focus on product’s description: Write an engaging description of your product while considering ideal customers. It is important to add features, benefits and user’s reviews about the product. Keep the words short and make use of images or videos. Make readability easy by using simple words.


Provide all needed information:

For a strong strategy, you should focus on providing detailed information to aid the customer’s decision to buy. Help them through the process by providing awareness regarding the research and evaluation stages. It will influence them to make a purchase from your site. Also, provide easy and clean navigation with proper use of hyperlinks.
We have already discussed the various types of content available for your content strategy. You should not rely on static content only. Try to go for images, videos, and infographics to increase customer’s interest.

Maintain consistency & follow the trend: Always provide new and up to date information to visitors. You must update your site on regular basis to regulate traffic. Never lack content for your site and products. Ensure to reach out to your customers with new products’ content as soon as you can. Change with latest trends and always keep your visitors updated.


How could it play a role in marketing?

Content strategy is key for your e-commerce business marketing. At an e-commerce site generating leads and conversions is highly important. Use content marketing to provide useful information to customers through blogging, article submission and by updating the products’ pages. You can use the strategy to educate customers with products’ features and benefits in a proper way. By creating how-to videos, buying guides and comparison between products, you will be helping customers make the right decision. If you provide quality content to customers, there is higher chance to build a stable relationship with them. Create an enhanced experience for customers to build a stronger relationship.
Content strategy for an e-commerce site can be a little difficult and challenging. It demands a significant amount of time and effort to get the desired results. While creating content for your website, always focus on customer’s needs and desires. Content should help customers in research and evaluation regarding the purchase. Take the advantage of the power of content and use it as much as you can. Take inspiration from the best tech websites of 2019 here.


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