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Digital Marketing Podcasts Helpful for Establishing your Business.



There are numerous businesses these days which rely on the internet for all kinds of assistance, and the web is becoming the best way to get exposure from those people who will be interested in your products. There are many brands and seasoned companies as well which take the help of the internet to get in touch with those followers who can also become prospective clients. The key to ensuring that you are consistently getting the right exposure is innovative in your campaigning style. There is a number of people who can assist you with the campaigning ideas, and these professionals have the skill and knowledge of the tools for digital marketing which will ensure that you are able to reach out to the people who will be interested in your products.  One such method of campaigning is podcasts.

What are Podcasts?

Podcasts are a series of digital audio files which are available on the internet to download and comes in installments. It can be anything ranging from tutorials, talk shows, instructions, jokes and much more. To use it at the benefit of your company you must make sure that the podcast is relevant to the products that your company offers. The podcasts are generally created such that they are published as a series, and one has to subscribe to download the next installments automatically. They are addictively entertaining, and if your audience is engrossed by your content, you have a high chance of securing millions of dedicated followers through it. Here we are going to discuss the various ways in which you can use the digital marketing podcasts and get in touch with the people who will be interested in your products. Podcasts can be strategically used as a part of the campaign provided you are innovative about how you are going to employ it at your advantage.


Marketing Over Coffee

marketing over coffee

As the name suggests, you can easily understand that this is a hardcore marketing podcast and there is a lot to learn through it. This is hosted by Christopher Penn and john watt and available through iTunes. It is a weekly podcast which is hosted by both of them, and they will give you a weekly scoop about all that is new in the digital marketing arena. As a budding entrepreneur who wishes to succeed in the digital marketing front, this podcast can be your go-to option for getting easy to follow information. They discuss all implementation of the various SEO and Google analytics which can help you to grow your sales. They also entertain questions from the audience which will give you a scope to learn all about them as well. This show lasts for approximately 20 minutes but has a number of tips which can help you to establish a rock-solid campaign. From email marketing to SEO and old school offline campaigns, this podcast has it all, and you can easily learn through it.


Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

duct tape marketing

The mastermind behind this podcast is John Jantsch. He is considered to be one of the major marketing influencers in today’s time. You can find some excellent marketing tips by following him. He interviews experts and leaders like Neil Patel and Pat Flynn. You can find out a lot of marketing ideas from them by following this podcast. What sets this particular podcasts apart from others is that it helps people who have little to no knowledge of marketing. You can learn everything from the basics of digital marketing to advanced techniques like SEO and content optimization by following this podcast. SEO is more of a strategic component to digital marketing, according to John. This is John’s way of giving tutorials and spreading his years of experience to you. For a weekly dose of tips and tricks, this podcast is your best friend to help you with your startup.



askgaryvee show

This is the podcast made by bestselling author Gary Vaynerchuk. He is the marketing guru behind #AskGaryVee. The show is special in the way that it lets you, the audience asks the questions. Gary himself then answers them in his own eccentric way. He also gets them answered by a bunch of celebrities appearing on his podcast. Vaynerchuk also operates his own YouTube channel. You need to follow this one if you are interested to know about marketing your business online.  If you follow all the episodes of # AskGaryVee, then you will know about the unique things he suggests which are effective in getting your business start-up a lot of benefits. This is probably one of the best digital marketing podcasts you can follow today.


Call To Action

call to action

Call to Action or C2A is a podcast that is not hosted by an individual, but a digital marketing company. If you want to learn about how to handle state of the art digital marketing campaigns all by yourself, then you need to listen to this podcast. This particular podcast is known to invite popular marketing experts as guest speakers to the show. These experts speak about how to generate leads for companies and increase ROI for your startup. Call to Action comes live on every Wednesday.  You can tune in to this podcast to learn a lot about digital marketing.


Mad Marketing

the mad marketing

Marcus Sheridan is the man behind Mad marketing. He is known to be the Sales Lion and for a proper reason. This particular podcast works mostly on a personal level. Marcus rarely talks on a particular topic. This podcast is more of a Q&A session. If you understand the importance of SEO and other search engine algorithms for business, then this podcast is very useful for you. Every search engine today is constantly updating their algorithms to provide a better user experience to their users. In case you are a layman and lack any technical knowledge of algorithms, then you can learn a lot of new facts from Mad Marketing Podcast and benefit your business.

Other than this top 5 podcasts, there are a few other names worth mentioning like, This Old Marketing Podcast, TED Talks Daily, Social Media Marketing Podcast, The Smart Passive Income Podcast and Start-Up by Gimlet Media.
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