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Don’t Forget About Your Old Blog Posts – Content Marketing Tips




Content based link-building is still most effective method among dozens of link-building techniques. Thousands of content writers and bloggers are busy in content creation on daily basis. Search engines crawl 1000s of new blog posts regularly. We all know that fresh, interesting and quality content can bring traffic and leads in short time. Today, I will not write that how content creation & marketing can boost your SEO campaign. I want to write about forgotten posts.

Whenever we start writing a post on a particular topic, we do great research, invest time and try to make it perfect in all aspects but after 2 or 3 months we forget about it. Mostly bloggers don’t memorize their old posts but look busy to dig new ideas of writing. On other hand smart marketers think in different way, they never forget about their previous posts and keep sharing on social media sites because they know the benefits of this sharing. Here we are going to enlist some tips, which can help you to get the benefits from your old posts.


Internal Linking

Internal linking is very powerful technique to link all pages with each other which helps to reduce the bounce rate and engage readers on blog. Whenever you write a new post you should link it to your old one but related post. That trick will not let your old posts die. In this way you can generate back-links for your old posts easily and you can urge your readers to visit your old previous posts.

Show Related Posts under Every Blog

With the help of displaying old related posts under every blog you can engage your readers easily and that practice will help you to increase your page views. Bounce rate will automatically reduce when readers will explore your previous posts. Never show related posts under comments section because if a post gets hundreds of comments your related posts will have fewer chances to get attention. So always use related posts above comments section.

Keep Sharing on Social Media Sites

Social media is essential medium of marketing and every marketer knows about it. Almost every blogger use social media sites for content marketing and get benefits from social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google plus, Pinterest etc. Usually bloggers share their latest posts on social sites and then forget about it but smart bloggers never overlook their old posts and they keep sharing them on several social sites with the passage of time. So never forget to share your previous posts on social media sites. In this way you can reduce the prospects of content’s death.

Send Previous News to Your Subscribers

Email marketing is very powerful tool to increase traffic, leads and sales. You should send news about your blog to your subscribers on weekly or monthly basis and mention few old posts among new. That practice will help you to reach those people who love your posts and you can urge them to participate in discussion via comments. Definitely your subscribers have interest in your blog and when you pitch them via email marketing they will show interest in your pots.

Hopefully these tips will help you to stop your old posts from dying and you will get benefits of your well written content.

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