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How Shopify Themes Are Productive And Cost Effective?




Shopify is a complete e-commerce solution for online goods. That allows you to sell your products in an organized way and provide a complete storefront look. Selecting the best premium Shopify theme for your online store can be challenging for developers — after all, there are plenty of themes available in Shopify store, plus much more are available on other marketplaces.

With a wide range of themes, pricing also varies from low to high. Which means, which is an indication to developers to not to take investment lightly.

So if you are new on Shopify and seeking for a good Shopify theme at a reasonable price. These guiding steps will definitely give you help finding a better one. Here are some key points to consider while searching for a premium Shopify theme.

1. You’ll Get What You Pay For

Shopify store has several themes for their users, free and premium. Premium Shopify theme pricing can vary widely — ranging from free to several hundreds of dollars.

However, it’s important to note that, with premium Shopify themes, like so much more in life, you will get what you pay for. A higher priced theme, particularly those in the official Shopify theme store or from a developer who sells there already, are much more likely to have undergone quality control and had much more attention to detail paid to its design and coding during development.

Shopify theme store has very selective range of themes — and while they are some of the most expensive on the market, each of them is worth investing.

Also, the cost difference between a $50 theme and a $300 theme isn’t huge. You could save $250 by going with a cheaper theme, but you may find that the theme isn’t nearly as flexible as you need it to be or the support offered is severely lacking.

But it is nothing wrong going with a lower priced theme if you carefully research it, understand its limitations and have determined that its other features outweigh other factors.

2. Check Author’s Reviews?

When selecting a premium Shopify theme, it’s important to pay close attention to the theme author’s needs. Use a search engine to search for reviews of both the theme and the theme author, paying close attention to the quality of support. Most theme marketplaces, including Shopify own, include some kind of rating or review system, which are worth noticing.

It’s also important to be wary of theme authors with perfect reviews — as this could be a signal that at least some of the feedback is not legitimate. Instead, look for constructive criticism about the theme see how the theme author responded to it.

Also, check if the developers have published in the Shopify theme store before. As Shopify narrows its criteria for themes, moreover keep exploring the theme author’s premium Shopify theme support center to see what types of questions users have and how responsive the theme’s support is. You should also keep an eye out for complete and comprehensive documentation and FAQs, as these can be incredibly useful.

3. Know Your Needs

Before starting your premium Shopify theme make a complete research of your ‘must have’ features. A good strategy is to be very strict about which items go into the “must have” column. Before adding anything to it, carefully consider how important the feature is to accomplish your main goal with a Shopify e-commerce site is to make sales.

Although it’s good to have all the fancy bells and whistles you see on Fortune 500 e-commerce sites, but keeping in mind that those companies spend millions of dollars every year on software development and, while the features may be impressive, most of them would have a negligible effect on smaller online shopping sites.

Once you are done with your features list, start reviewing each theme carefully. Narrow your lists by eliminating themes that don’t have your “must haves” while moving ones that do to the top of the list.

However, it’s true that an eye-catching design certainly gives your e-commerce site an edge, a good strategy can be to let the needs discussed in Tip 3 be your primary qualifiers and consider the look and feel of the Shopify theme only in the later stages of your selection process.

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