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How to Build an Effective Email Marketing Automation Campaign?



Automated email marketing is a boon to you as a seller but for it to be effective, you need to underpin it with a cohesive strategy.

It’s not enough to just get your company name and products in front of buyers. Timing is key, and you need a way to evaluate the success of different marketing techniques.

Here are some strategies to help you test and refine your email automation, along with some ideas for diversifying your marketing channels.


Email Marketing


Use Segmentation

Dividing your marketing audience into segments allows you to send content specific to them. It’s an effective way to raise the interest level in your messages, and it’s also helpful to the customer.

Some possible customer categories:

– Amount spent

– Repeat purchases

– Type of purchases

– Gender of buyer

– Country of buyer

– Hours of browsing

– Days of browsing


With a high-quality email marketing program, you can create segments that have one or more of the attributes you want to target.

Email tracking that measures clicks and opens gives you feedback about which marketing strategies work best for various demographics. It tells you when the peak viewing times are for your website and which items get the most attention.


Track Customer Response

customer response

Live view web tracking allows you to track where potential customers go on your website, including the order of viewing. Knowing which items generate the most interest and whether a web page is effective helps drive your online marketing plan.

You can highlight the most clicked-on products in email campaigns and put them front and center on web pages. Adding hot links that lead to high-traffic pages is another tactic for getting viewers to the most popular areas of your website.

Emails can also be targeted according to favorite pages, making it more likely that a customer will find something that appeals to them. Taking it even further, if you find that someone has viewed a certain item several times, you can send them a coupon to clinch the sale.

This is a step up from abandoned cart emails, and the best part about it is that it happens automatically.


Use A/B Testing

Once you’ve segmented your customer base and user tracking to find out more about their interests, another way to measure the effectiveness of your marketing strategies is to use A/B testing.

Send a marketing email in two versions that differ in one or two discrete ways. Don’t change more than that because you won’t know which change made a difference. You can measure customer response in a number of ways, including by using different subject lines.

A/B Testing

For example, you can test whether email recipients respond to time pressure by adding “limited time offer” to one of the headers.

With A/B testing, you can also measure how much interest a percentage discount generates compared to offering free shipping.

Find out if addressing a person by name increases the likelihood they’ll visit your site, or whether a mention of new merchandise makes a difference in opening rates.


Diversify Marketing Channels

Email automation is a wonderful tool for reaching an audience. Once a customer has engaged with your store by joining your mailing list or making a purchase, the field is wide open for communication. In other articles, you’ve probably learned about the milestones that are perfect for connecting with a customer by email:

– Welcome

– Thank You

– Special Offer

– New Merchandise

– Birthday

– Holidays


Besides these effective automated email marketing opportunities, there are other channels for getting your automated message across:

SMS/Text Messaging: Used sparingly, this is a way to catch people when they’re on the go. With a text, you don’t have to wait until they sit down at the computer to reach them with your message.

Facebook: This is a platform that gives you the opportunity to display your branding and connect with customers. The sheer number of Facebook users is a windfall, and the viral nature of shared posts is a major advantage. Employing channels like Facebook Messenger gives your customers more options in how they communicate with you.

Web Push Notifications: Some customers need their information RIGHT NOW. For them, offering contact options on more immediate channels will make them appreciate you so much more. Who doesn’t love knowing the minute their order has been shipped?

There are several channels you can use in your diversification. It’s not so much about being on as many channels as possible, but more about being on the channels that your customers use the most.


Email marketing automation might seem like something complex, however, if you’re using the right tool, it can be quite simple. You can use referral software tools to run successful campaigns easily.

What’s important is that you follow the best practices listed in this article to achieve the best results.



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