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How to keep your visitors longer on your website?



Keeping your visitors on your website for a longer duration is quite important nowadays, as it shows that you are providing valuable content to the visitors. As a result, the search engine ranks your website higher in the searches and marked it as a valuable source of information for the visitors. Here in the article, there are few ways by which you can increase the chances of your visitors to stay on your page for longer.

visitors longer on your website

Provide valuable content

Great content is key to the success of any website. People love to read content that is interesting, helpful, and engaging. The first few seconds matter a lot, so you must provide useful information to stick the users with your content and stay longer on your website.

Choose eye-catching images

If you want to keep your visitors stay longer on your website, then your website must have eye-catching images. People love to watch the visual stories, so adding images can increase your conversion rate.

Add optimized images

Website images must be properly optimized. It should load the website quickly for the visitors. The bigger image files are usually disturbing, and they upset the website loading speed, so you must have optimized images on your website.

Increase the readability of your website

Your website pages must have optimized content and images. Your content must be segmented into different categories like subheadings, headings, bullet points, lists, numbers, and illustrations. When you divide the content for your visitors, then it will be easier for them to understand, and they will not navigate from it.

Keep your website design simple

If your website has too many images, features, and animated images, then it is the right time to revamp it. Keeping the design of the website simple and clutter-free makes it easy for the readers to understand it, and it also keeps your visitors longer on your website pages. You only have 15 seconds to convince the new visitors to stay on your website, so your website design must be simple so that it can be easy for your visitors to read and understand its content.

Open links in new window

Having the external links open in the same window makes the visitor’s annoyed and keep themselves away from visiting your website. It is recommended to have external links open in a new window to make it easier for your visitors to get access to the new pages while staying on your home page.

These hacks will help you to make your visitors stay longer on your website pages however if you need perfect website design, development, and SEO services, HTML PRO is ready to serve you.

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