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How to reduce the cost and increase the conversions with a Facebook ad campaign?



Facebook is one of the persuasive platforms for small to large businesses, and advertisers choose it for countless reasons. If you run a small business, then it is quite difficult to manage the ad cost to run Facebook ad campaigns, but here are a few ways by which you can improve your Facebook ad campaign and increase the conversion rate.

Facebook ad campaign

Target the right audience

A proper strategy is required before starting an optimized Facebook ad campaign. The key here is to select your target audience, understand it, respond, and focus on their needs. Before you start optimizing your Facebook ad campaign, check the ad reports to see if you are targeting the relevant and right audience or not.

Ad frequency matters a lot

As ad frequency matters a lot, so you must make sure that people are not turning it off or labeling it as spam. For that, you need to do a little research on how frequently people are noticing your ad when it is displayed in front of them. You can take advantage of it by rating the ad’s visuals. You must go for showing an ad a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 to 12 times in Facebook News Feed.

Optimized timeframes

Timeframes are also critical in optimizing a Facebook ad campaign. You must have noticed that few ads are shown after the gap of a few days while on the other hand, some ads are displayed regularly. You cannot run your ad campaigns 24/7, so you must analyze the days to display your ads for maximum conversion. For that, you can check the ad reports and break down your ad campaign by day.

Create a catchy and short ad copy

People nowadays are not interested in reading long written copies, so the best part is to create eye-catching, concise, and to the point ad copies having a clear CTA to create a good ad campaign.

Go for Facebook messenger ads

If you are familiar with Facebook Messenger ads, then it is the right time to take advantage of it. It is comparatively cheap and brings the visitor directly on your website. Here your ads are shown up on the home screen of the messenger app and connect your visitors with your website.

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