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How to write effective promotional emails for your business How to write effective promotional emails for your business

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How to write effective promotional emails for your business?



It is a challenging task to write effective promotional emails while avoid reaching subscriber’s spam folders. Internet service providers have strict measures against spammers, but sometimes genuine emails also get caught in the crossfire. It is a fact that 79% of emails sent by the authentic marketers are not marked as spam, but what about the rest of them? There is a way to create effective promotional emails that land directly in the user’s inbox instead of the spam folder. Here are a few ways to avoid the spam folder and create promotional emails.

Write Effective

Follow the law governing email marketing

If you do not want your emails to be marked as spam, then you must follow the email marketing act that was signed in 2003 and was named as CAN-SPAM (controlling the ‘assault of non-solicited pornography and marketing). This act has all the clear guidelines that are required to make your email marketing campaign clear and avoid hitting the spam folder of the subscribers. This act includes clear guidelines like to avoid the misleading header information, deceptive subject lines, and false physical address or contact information. Your email messages should have an unsubscribe button so that the users can benefit from it. This is to make sure that you respect the choice of your subscribers and to make this process stress-free for them.

Avoid spam trigger words

You need to check the entire list of spam trigger words and avoid its usage in the subject lines such as free, best price, or free cash. Don’t use these words, and increase the chances of reaching your emails right into the inbox of the recipients.

Stay away from paid lists

Creating an organic and relevant list of subscribers should be the goal of your email marketing. For that, you need patience. Try avoiding the shortcuts of growing your list as it has bad consequences. Sending the messages to the people who are not interested in buying your products or services will increase the chances of your emails being reported as spam. Don’t buy the lists and build it organically.

Narrow your sending frequency

The effectiveness of your email marketing campaign depends upon the sending frequency that how frequently you send the emails to your subscribers. If you are an annoying sender, then there are more chances of your emails being marked as spam. Narrow down your sending frequency and ask your subscriber how often you need to send them the emails.

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