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jimdo to shopify
Like other free website builders, Jimdo is also an easy free website development platform, where anyone can build a website without having knowledge of coding and HTML. Jimdo founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2007 by Christian Springub, Matthias Henze and Fridtjof Detzner. It is rapidly growing free website builder. Getting amazing response from European market, millions of people are using that free website builder. Almost 15 millions websites have been built on this platform. Its most attractive advantage is that, it is available in 8 languages. That advantage helps people to build websites in multiple languages for particular countries and target market.

As we know that all free website builders are not helpful in professional business because they have limitations in features and customization process. Free website builders are good for small entrepreneur because they don’t need to invest money to launch their own websites. But when it comes to online stores, they have to invest money even on free website builders because online store features are not free. When we talk about Jimdo, its rate is $20 per month with two custom domain offers, business emails and mobile responsive template. Now the question is, are Jimdo users satisfy with their online stores? And the answer is in “NO”.

Running an online store is not as job. Payments are involved in this business where customers need secure, easy and sharp payment methods and shopping carts. In which Jimdo lacks, therefore Jimdo users think to migrate on Shopify and WordPress. Converting a website from free website builder to ecommerce CMSs is not an easy job. Therefore a right decision needs some research work. Here we are going to discuss about migration from Jimdo to Shopify and WordPress.

Jimdo to Shopify Conversion

Without any doubt Shopify is the growing CMS for small ecommerce business solution. It is most loving and helpful CMS to build a fast, secure and professional online store in short time. While using Jimdo for online store, users have to pay $20 on every month and in Shopify its basic package starts from $29. Shopify is one-stop online ecommerce business solution from hosting to shopping cart and live website. It offers built-in shopping cart which helps to save users’ time and money. When entrepreneur build their ecommerce stores on Jimdo and find better response from customers they immediately start thinking about other special ecommerce CMSs. Then the first name comes in their minds is Shopify. Converting a Jimdo based website in Shopify is not difficult task.

At HTML Pro, we have professional website developers who have vast experience in migrating websites from one CMS to another CMS and from free website builders to professional CMSs. Once Jimdo website converted on Shopify, it has better chances to grow rapidly and to earn more revenue without facing any internal issue related to hosting, payment process and users’ experience.

Some Jimdo website owners think that paying on monthly basis is not suitable for them. They give preference to one time development charges. These kinds of webmasters need to think about WordPress.

Jimdo to WordPress Conversion

We all know that WordPress is all in one online business solution and it is most favorite and famous CMS of the world. Developers say that nothing is impossible in WordPress. When we talk about affordability with reliability in website development, first name comes in our minds is WordPress. If we talk about Jimdo to any other affordable CMS conversion then WordPress is best choice. There are lots of Jimdo website owners who have short budget but they want to convert their website to other CMS. WordPress is the best choice for them because using wordpress they don’t need to submit monthly charges. Here they have one time development charges.

Most important benefit of using WordPress is that, nothing is impossible in this CMS. WordPress has great ecommerce plugin with the name of WooCommerce. It is a free ecommerce tool kit for wordpress users. Its users have a complete ecommerce solution with multiple add-ons and plug-ins option. Thousands of people has migrated their Jimdo websites on WordPress and they are enjoying this great CMS. Once your Jimdo store migrated to WordPress, you don’t need to pay on monthly basis.

Migrate Your Jimdo Website to Shopify or WordPress

If you are thinking to convert your Jimdo website to Shopify or WordPress, feel free to contact us at We have 7 years of experience in multiple CMS customization and website migrating from one CMS to anther CMS. Our professional team of website developers have converted free website builder based sites (Wix, Jimdo, Weebly, Webs, Yola etc) to different CMSs like Shopify, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Cratejoy etc. Give us a call at +1 (347) 308-5764 or send your project details at to get professional web development services at affordable rates.

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