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Why it is important to optimize your e-commerce store for voice searches?



Voice search is going to be the future of the e-commerce industry that has reshaped the traditional means of exploring the content online. Voice search means exploring the online domain with the help of spoken language, instead of typing the queries into the keyboards.

These days, digital assistants are present in high-end smartphones and a huge number of users are taking benefit from this technology. Companies like Amazon, Google and Apple are trying to acquire a completive edge in the market by introducing devices like Alexa, Cortana and Siri. Each one is equipped with attractive features and has a huge demand from users all over the world. So far, Alexa by Amazon is dominating the market of digital assistants.

Now the traditional means of searching for information on the internet is being replaced by voice search technology. People are hugely gravitating towards making use of this technology for performing routine web searches like calling a cab, forecasting the weather and listening to music online.

With the advent of modern e-commerce platforms, online stores are advancing towards integrating voice search features to get leverage in the highly competitive industry.


Impact of voice searches on e-commerce

Voice searches

According to an infographic by FME extensions “29% of voice device users are using their devices for online shopping while 42% are expected to use them in the future”.

As this trend is going to rise, more and more people will take advantage of voice search technologies. Integrating it efficiently into your e-commerce store will surely connect a pool of target audience to your brand.

It has become difficult for merchants to identify channels their potential customer’s access to search for their intended products. Hence, it is important to optimize the online store for voice searches to serve those who are making use of voice assistants to buy e-commerce products.


Securing a rich snippet

The best SEO practices you carry out for improving the rankings of your e-commerce store could be beneficial for users who are reaching your site through user interface-based devices. In order to get leverage in the voice search results, merchants are trying to secure Google’s featured snippets. As position zero is of great importance in SERP’s because it gives you an edge in the shape of significant traffic boost. The featured snippet has a vital role in giving your web domain a top priority by search engines.

A featured snippet powered by voice search capability gives easy access to the voice search based shoppers. Just like Google, voice assistants will also give priority to the websites that incorporate featured snippets and you will surely get preferred when search queries resonating with the content of your website will be placed.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t integrated the voice search functionality in your e-commerce stores, the search engines will have no choice but to neglect you and will move on to the next domain optimal for voice-based searches.


Local searches

local searches


If your business is targeting a local audience, then it is significant to set up voice search feature in your e-commerce store.  As, people search for custom terms like “which coffee shop offers discount near me”, “Where to buy kids clothes in town” or the “nearest store with wheeled coolers in the city”.  Make sure you have included the related keywords in the content or in the Meta titles or description of your website.

The target location should be mentioned clearly in the contact us page of your website. Therefore, the search engines can easily connect the search terms with the relevant results. Understanding the customer’s needs and interests is more important for the ultimate success in the business field. Keep an eye on your customer’s shopping behaviours and how they interact with your online store. The more personalization and customization you will provide your audience, more they will gravitate towards your brand.


Making use of natural language

Natural language

The enormous success of voice search technology is based on the flexibility of acquiring relevant information by making use of natural language. People can easily use their native styles to explore data on the internet. Similarly, a web store that has adopted the natural tone and styles to cater to voice-based queries has more scope in the e-commerce industry due to its efficient usability.

Merchants can also incorporate multiple languages to serve those customers who can’t speak or understand the English language. As soon as the user interacts with your store, the AI-based algorithms will instantly comprehend the spoken phrases and will showcase the required product details.


Optimizing voice searches for questions

Digital assistants are designed to assists users who are not willing to spend their time exploring website pages for the piece of information or to find about the specific product’s information in case of e-commerce stores.

These days, users are not prone towards searching the content through the keywords like “Shopping malls Dubai”. Instead, they tend to place their searches like “Which are the best shopping malls in Dubai”. As the online searching methods have been modified, the web domains also need to optimize their web domains for better response and exposure.

Ecommerce stores need to include words like which, how, what, when and where, as a part of their content to grab maximum potential customers.


Branding through smart speakers


Now traditional means of branding and advertising and taking a new shape and businesses who are adapting it early are taking advantage in the form of increased profit and sales. Merchants need to consider running voice-based promotional campaigns for your brand. As you would have targeted your potential customers through social media advertising campaigns but those who mostly rely on digital assistants couldn’t get aware of your presence. So, try to fabricate influential marketing strategies to advertise to customers using these devices to browse the internet.


Final words

Elders, who are not familiar with technology and not too much aware of searching and exploring through the websites, would have a huge advantage in acquiring their products without any assistance. They require only speaking to the digital assistant and the most appropriate voice-based search results will come up. With successful integration, the merchants will undoubtedly observe a tremendous increase in ROI due to instant access to information right away.


Author Bio 

Hamza Riaz is a Digital Marketing Executive at FME Extensions, a leading Magento design and development agency. He manages digital marketing of top-notch Magento 2 extensions developed by FME. Also, he likes to express his thoughts and experiences in the form of write-ups. You can find him on LinkedIn.



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