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Reasons to Choose Bluehost as a Web Hosting Service



reasons to use bluehost
A trustworthy Web Hosting Service is an essential part of online business as your website’s reliability depends on many factors relating to a web host.  I would say, it is so crucial to select the best web hosting service to avoid unexpected shutdowns. If your website is down, one should expect a decline in customer satisfaction and sales. Downtime or slow hosting services can literally ruin your website rankings and thus, if you’re spending on other factors to boost your website up in online rankings, a poor hosting service can be a disaster to your efforts. Website owners should always look to select the highest ranked hosting company to provide uninterrupted business services to their customers.

Now the question is, which is the best web hosting service? Thousands of articles have been published on this topic and several people have different opinions. However, being COO at HTML Pro and experience of hosting hundreds of websites monthly for our clients, Bluehost is the best hosting service. Now a question comes in readers’ mind why bluehost is best? Here are the reasons; I considered it as one of the top web hosting company after working and experience with many other hosting services simultaneously.

Fast Website Loading & Uptime:

Most significant reason to choose Bluehost as a web hosting service is loading speed of websites. Its speed is 151ms over cloud plan which is most recommended and faster than other services when you decide to purchase hosting. I am mentioning this point after viewing hundreds of reviews of Bluehost customers besides myself. Their reviews tell the success story of Bluehost speed and uptime and these points to help this service to stand out of crowd.

Excellent Support

Bluehost provides excellent 24/7 customer support to its users. It is true that all web hosting companies provide 24/7 customers support but in reality when your website is down, one has to talk with the service provider and mostly you will end up spending huge time waiting – on the other hand, Bluehost provides instant and reliable customer support that gives peace of mind to its users.

User-Friendly cPanel

Bluehost cPanel is really easy to manage and control the multiple websites. Even a non-technical user can manage it easily and that difference makes it best among other web hosting service providers. Checking emails and managing files in cPanel is not a big deal in Bluehost cPanel.

Wide Range of Products

Bluehost offers a wide range of products such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud sites, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. Its new cloud solution is very powerful, affordable and easier than ever, starting at only $5.95/mo. Bluehost cloud solution is safer, faster, bigger and simpler than any other cloud service provider. For wordpress hosting, people love to use bluehost as it is safer and affordable.

Bluehost Is Trusted by Millions

Millions of users around the world are using this best hosting services as Bluehost is chosen to support more than 2 millions of websites. Since 2003, Bluehost has been providing outstanding hosting services and considered as a world’s largest provider of a cloud-based online solution. Company’s goal is to become the largest hosting company in the world.

Multiple Hosting Plans

Different users have different requirements, therefore, Bluehost offers multiple hosting plans to its users to meet their requirements under their budget. The shared hosting plan starts from $3.49/mo that is extremely affordable for everyone. Rates are affordable with outstanding customer service, therefore, people love to select Bluehost as their hosting company. If you’re a web company or a Freelancer looking to manage a huge number of websites on a single host, I would suggest you go to Cloud Sites and Plan Business Pro.

bluehost hosting plans

Chose Your Hosting Plan Now

Choose your hosting plan now at and enjoy the best hosting service experience for a reliable online business. If you are upset about your hosting service provider and looking to switch, it’s time to move on to the highest quality and affordable web hosting service. You can migrate your existing websites to Bluehost with the help of their professionals.



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