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Tips to Optimize Your Twitter Profile Tips to Optimize Your Twitter Profile


Simple Tips to Optimize Your Twitter Profile for Business



Twitter is among the popular social media platforms, boasting 330 million users and over 350,000 tweets per minute. With these figures, there is no doubt that your prospects and potential customers are among this crowd. However, apart from this, you should pay attention to other people on the platform.

For instance, bloggers, journalists, and influencers are also actively looking for brands, fans, and companies to work with. While all these sound promising, the first step to building your brand on Twitter is optimizing your profile. Below are time-tested optimization tips to consider.

1.      Craft a Unique Twitter Bio

Whether you are looking to bootstrap your startup or marketing your already operational business on Twitter, make sure your bio wows your audience and potential customers. Since Twitter allows only 160 characters in its header bio, you should get creative on its contents. Therefore, incorporate the right keywords and relevant hashtags that suit your brand.

Hashtags can inform your followers where they can find your tweets about specific topics. However, they are clickable and can distract your potential customers from your bio. Therefore, use them carefully and ensure that they do not inadvertently drive them into your competition. You can also consider adding emojis and URLs to your landing page to build your email list and provide prospects with more value.

2.      Update Your Header Image

Twitter header image is the same as a magazine cover. Therefore, you should change it regularly and use this space to market your brand. Unfortunately, if you use various Simple Tips to Optimize Your Twitter Profile for Business, such as Buffer and Hootsuite, you may find yourself spending little time on your profile. Header image is larger than profile image, with recommended sizes of 1500×1500 pixels.

The additional size allows you to do more with the header image. Regardless of what you use as a header image, ensure that it coordinates and matches your profile picture aesthetically. Consider the following header image ideas;

  • Team photo
  • New products
  • Best-selling products and services
  • Quality picture of your office or store
  • Special event

As a tip, always use branded keywords to save your header image filenames. This increases the chances of these images being found through an image search.

3.      Choose Your Profile Image Carefully

Unlike the header image, consider using your business or brand logo as the profile image. This makes it easier for prospects and customers to identify your brand and can help your profile Simple Tips to Optimize Your Twitter Profile for Business. However, if your brand logo isn’t clear on the small square or has a lot of text, find a secondary logo for your social media profiles. Make sure that the logo meets the size requirements (400×400 pixels) and shows clearly on mobile devices.

4.      Add Business Location to Your Profile

Including your business location is another great optimization tip, especially for local businesses. Location enables Twitter’s search algorithm to match your content with locally-based audiences, ensuring that your content gets to the right people. If you don’t run a local business, you can skip or use your corporate office location.


Other lesser-known yet effective ways of optimizing twitter profiles for business includes making good use of pinned tweets, having a public profile, and making it easy for your followers to send you direct messages.



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