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SSL To Become Mandatory For January 2017





Google has recently announced a new update on the web searches which will be effective in January 2017.

What is Google About to do?

Google is going to add security icons on the search bar to warn users first. The HTTP connection has never been labeled as non-secure on chrome. But from January on-wards, all HTTP connections that take personal information will be marked as a non-secure information on chrome and will display a security icon as shown below:


google security icon

The warning will first show in Google Chrome “Incognito mode” which will later roll over all HTTP pages. This change will eventually enforce website owners to secure their websites with SSL Certification.

Why Make The Web Search Secure?

This is true that your personal information e.g. passwords or credit card numbers are not secured over the web – I mean it could possibly be stolen by any cyber thief. For that reason, Google is taking serious actions to make web search more secure for users. You can also look for Google’s Penguin Update 4.0 

What Is SSL Certification & Why To Use It?

SSL aka Secure Sockets Layer, is a security protocol used to secure data between two machines using encryption. Millions of websites use it every day to secure connections and keep user’s data safe.

SSL Indications

You may know a website is certified by SSL by following indications:

  • The padlock
  • Search bar turning green
  • The HTTPS Protocol

All SSL certified websites appear with this indication and help users by securing their personal data.

Safe Side

All websites which are developed in WordPress can perform SSL Certification easily. While other some other website platforms e.g. Squarespace or Wix, do not allow SSL Certifications currently.

It’s Not Only Google Who Is Worried

Google is not only the one who is worried about website security. Apple also declares early this year that app developers must focus their attention on HTTPS connections for iOS apps. Even Facebook has served articles on HTTPS – automatically adding security for readers even if they don’t get it on actual publication website.

How To Fix Your Security Issues With WordPress?

As mentioned, SSL Certification is not difficult to implement in WordPress website. If your website is hosted with WordPress, you need to either hire a web developer or request your hosting company to implement SSL Certificate on the website.

HTML Pro Can Help

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