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The best ways to promote your website for free



Your website without proper and effective advertising is nothing for you. Creating and launching a new website doesn’t mean that it will bring a flock of traffic on your website or result in heavy sales. Without a proper marketing strategy, no one is going to know about it. Most of the advertisement services are paid, but luckily there are few methods by which you can bring traffic to your website by promoting it for free.

Know the SEO tools

Before you start creating the content for your website, it is very important to get familiar with the SEO tools. Make use of Google Keyword Planner to choose the right keywords for your content. Get the knowledge of short-tail and long-tail keywords to create compelling blog posts. Choosing the right keywords for your SEO campaign will help you to write SEO friendly content for your website and as a result, it will bring noticeable traffic on your website.

promote your website

Promote your website via SMM

Creating different social media accounts to interact with your customers is the best way to promote your brand and sell your products. These social media platforms are free, and you can instantly connect with your customers and advertise your business. On social media, you can run contests, offer giveaways, and create unique landing pages to engage your targeted audience.

Submit engaging content to search engine directories

The best way to bring traffic to your website is by using the search engine directories. All major search engine allows you to submit highly engaging and fresh content to their directories. You can take advantage of this feature as it is free.

Create a signature

You need to develop your brand image to make people recognize it. Create a signature for your brand and use it everywhere from emails to text messages. It will help the people to recognize your brand. Create a mobile-friendly website and add your signature here.

Go for backlinking

One of the best ways to show the credibility of your website is by using the method of backlinking. You can get the links from other websites through forums, guest blogs, articles, or link exchange. Keep your website away from the low-quality backlinks as it will decrease your website ranking.

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