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The Surprising Growth of Video Content on Social Media platforms



In recent years, video content has gained so much popularity and now the brands are focusing on reshaping their marketing strategy by adding video content. It is expected that 99% of digital marketers will continue to add video content into their digital marketing strategy to get favorable results. But the question is why it is getting popular? Here are a few revelations that will show the importance of the video content.

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Benefits of using video content

Adding video content to your social media marketing campaign will help you to get exponential results by targeting the right audience.

Target right audience

Video content is clearly a way to go for those who want to target a specific audience. On average, people spend more than 3 hours watching video content. It is engaging, and unlike TV advertisements, people prefer to make their buying decisions after watching video content on social media.

Tell a brand story

Telling a brand story through video content provokes the reaction of targeted customers and encourages them to make the right purchasing decisions. It can be in the form of question and answer sessions or behind the scenes of your video content. It helps to reach the right audience and develop profound connections with the customers.

Higher ROI

Getting a higher ROI is the goal of every business. 88% of marketers believe that they get a positive response from their customers after connecting with them through video content. Digital marketers are now widening their approach to marketing by using the video content as it has helped the marketers to speak directly with their targeted customers.

Builds credibility

When it comes to building the credibility of your brand, video content is highly efficient, engaging, and rewarding. It is challenging to get the real benefits from video content but still it has helped the marketers to express their individuality. It is an opportunity that has helped the brands to build their brand credibility by winning the hearts of their loyal customers.

Data insights

Video content gives you access to potent data insights. Even if someone has watched half of your video, you can still reach them, and send them the right information. It helps the brands to test and try various narratives with a dissimilar audience. It is the best form of highly effective communication with any targeted audience.

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