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A logo is not just an image; it’s a crowning jewel- an introduction to your brand. It’s the first impression you give to your customer and since everyone already knows how ‘first impression is the last impression, it’s vital that we make it count. We believe that an effective logo is not just a cute icon that you adore, it inspires brand trust, loyalty, and appreciation. A logo dictates color, font, and graphics that will be applied to everything from your websites to advertising to promotional materials. A logo needs to be innovative, but it’s more important that it’s relevant; it should evoke a feeling and connect your company with what you offer.

Being New York’s best web design agency, we receive tons of orders about logo designs and development every month. Having a custom logo is essential to any company regardless of its size. Understanding its importance our creative designers fully intend on making logos which are original, practical, conceptual and conveys your message in the best manner possible. After designing a lot of successful logos, HTML Pro has become the provider of the highest quality of logo designs for all business niches and sizes.

Here, we have a collection of a few logos that represent our expertise in designing. If you are looking for someone to design your logo, these designs will help you gain an idea of how a logo needs to be and what we can provide you with.



HTML Pro Logo Design- IFIP

What we love most about this logo is that its NOT  trendy. Trends come and go, so they are best left to the fashion industry. Logos are a visual representation of your brand and should last for at least twenty years if not a lifetime. The best example of an evergreen logo is Coca-Cola, which has been there for 130 years (Of course it has been revamped with minor changes but the essence of the logo still remains the same). Dior and Disney are also noteworthy examples of classic logos which have remained the same since their inception. This logo of IFIP is timeless, we don’t see it changing in a year or a five or ever! The effectiveness of this logo is long-lasting which contributes to its brand awareness creating a deeper relationship with the people who associate with it. Here, at HTML Pro we avoid design gimmicks like drop shadows and fancy imagery that goes in and out of style and stick with something solid and simple.


Chez Bebe

HTML Pro Logo Design-Chez Bebe

The message a logo conveys should be appropriate with regards to the intended audience. At HTML Pro, we not only identify our client company’s culture, values and product before designing their logo but also their buyer personas. The font, color, design and the overall feel should reflect the business product or service. Keeping this in mind, we used an informal, almost cheeky font along with the brand colors of the business when designing this logo. The subtle addition of kids playing, leaves no doubt that it’s a children’s store and serves a perfect association of the brand with its audience. We understand that the same design principles cannot be used if we were to design, say a gaming platform logo.


Bark Buildings

HTML Pro Logo Design-Bark Buildings

A great logo is one which captures your attention and leaves an impression. It is impactful and memorable. This is perhaps the hardest to achieve but it helps when logos are simple but appropriate. We see that when a mark is simple in its construction (not necessarily simple in concept), is generally easier to recall. In this example the dog being the mark, is delightful and highly relevant to the business objectives of the agency, Bark buildings- a dog training service. This logo invokes the emotion of its customers thus, creating a lasting imprint. A frequent client would easily be able to recognize the brand even if we were to take the textual description away. This makes this logo memorable and thus, one of the best ones we’ve made so far.


Lower My Expenses

HTML Pro Logo Design- Lower My Expenses

This logo is effective because of a number of reasons: its simple, clean and fresh, no extravagant fonts or gimmicky shadows and gradients. What makes this logo our personal favorite is that its versatile. We understand that a logo has many different potential applications. Our designers know that what looks great on a site banner might not work for a flex, so they carefully craft logos that look good no matter what. This logo is created in a scalable vector format which means that it will look good on a 80 feet high bill board as well as a small ball point. To add to its versatility, Lower My Expenses logo looks great in one color, full color, black and white as well as in reverse (light logo on a dark background).



HTML Pro Logo Design- Konect

The best part about this logo is that its simple. Don’t confuse simplicity with boring. Simple logos like these are distinct without being too overdone. In the case for logo designing, less is always more. Logos need to convey the brand theme in the most streamline way possible without being over-complicated or garish. The best example of a minimal logo can perhaps be Apple, whose mark only became simpler with each iteration. A complicated logo will not only make your logo difficult to reproduce but it will also fail to engage your audience. This logo is deceptively simple, but it carries meaning in its simple yet versatile form. Its design isn’t earth shattering nor does it try to convey all the aspects of the business but it definitely acts as a stamp to the company’s name and purpose.


Quotes 4 You

HTML Pro Logo Design- Quotes 4 You

Geeky? Sophisticated? A logo is a way to tell a brand’s story in as few words as possible. When designing this logo HTML Pro’s logo designers made sure that they not only knew about the brand but also their intended audience. We made sure that with this logo we were sending the correct message to the correct people. This logo has a certain tone which resonates with its audience. The reversed comma acts as a fun spin to the traditional alphabet “Q” and the lines inside it makes the overall look and feel minimalistic yet functional. Its message is clear and they don’t even require a tagline or description to further pronounce their purpose.


14 Sticks

HTML Pro Logo Design-14 sticks

Here at HTML Pro, we are never tempted to use a big company’s logo as our inspiration. Our aim is always to set your company apart from the competition. For us, the most important aspect of designing your logo is recognition. With the logo of 14 sticks, people see the logo and automatically relate it with the brand and what it does. That is why, its so crucial that a logo should be unique so it creates a visual representation of the business, like the little flag here which is associated with golf markers. Its simplicity makes it appropriate for its industry and offers a knothole into the principles and the story of the business.


Colorado Foot Institute

HTML Pro Logo Design- Colorado Foot Institute

Sometimes, even the most attractive and unique logos are not successful. Why? Because they may not be appropriate for the intended audience. We understand that having a well conceptualized logo has no use for a group of investors so we religiously research a brand’s mission, values and its targeted audience before designing their logo. The colors used in this logo are relevant to the brand’s color theme and the mark of the foot and hills go hand in hand with its name and services. This ensures that even if this brand decides to take out the typography out of the logo, its glyph would be able to convey the meaning of the brand accurately.


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