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Top ways to boost your influence on Instagram



Instagram is popular as a photo and video sharing network, and it has proved itself as one of the most important marketing platforms for businesses of various sizes. You will be glad to know that 80% of the users follow one brand on Instagram and 72% of the users buy a product from a brand after visiting Instagram feed. So your business must not miss the opportunity to grow the audience and improve its influence on Instagram. Here are a few tips that are going to help you to boost your influence on Instagram.


Aesthetics are everything on Instagram
Creating content according to the taste, mood, and impressions of the people to engage them is one of the most important marketing tactics on Instagram. All the major brands use the Instagram feed to develop and post eye-catching content, so the first thing is to stick with this rule by creating a brand aesthetic to engage your audience.

Create worthy content
Instagram is all about creating appealing photos and videos to engage the audience. If you want to grow your audience, then you must have an amazing experience in photography and videography. Use different editing software to enhance the quality or the impact of your photos. If you know how to make videos, then you can also go for creating a quick video of around 60 seconds for your visitors.


Consistency brings success
Both content generation and consistency is the key to success. It doesn’t matter how beautifully you craft your content, but if you have not a sufficient number of followers, no one is going to appreciate your content. To make your entire Instagram marketing approach effective, you need to focus on developing relevant content with consistency to get maximum followers.

Keep an eye on your competitors
Analyzing and keeping an eye on your competitors will help you to develop better content for your campaign. For that, you can use VPN services that will hide your location and IP address. It will hide all your activities on a competitor’s page or website, but it is recommended to go through the reviews of the users before using these VPN services.

Ensure people’s participation
Just like other social media platforms, use Instagram to encourage your followers to participate by commenting and liking your posts. It will bring your Instagram account in front of other people. To encourage the people, you can host contests and giveaways by asking interesting questions or posting a picture.
For small businesses, Instagram is a fantastic opportunity to increase your influence, however, if you need professional help, then do not hesitate to contact HTMLPRO.



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