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WordPress without a doubt is an effective content management system that allows the development of user-friendly websites in record time. It offers a ton of powerful themes, plugins and various different tools using which very compelling websites can be made. Despite all these features, working in WordPress is not all rainbows and sunshine. If anything, its actually a lot harder. The thing with WP is that most WordPress users overlook the issues and problems that WordPress presents, which leads to losing potential visitors.

WordPress has some severe pitfalls that only very experienced programmers can handle. Web Developers at HTML Pro have years of experience in WordPress that allows them to bypass the difficulties that are faced by other novice users. A few examples of some problems that this platform can pose are listed below.

WordPress has inconsistent documentation, due to which users need to spend extra time in examining the source code to know whether the features exist or not. Not only this, users may need to write a lot of complicated technical code while creating custom post types, taxonomies, etc. While other CMS platforms have a user-friendly graphical interface to create the key tasks, WordPress requires more technical skills to obtain the same functionality.



In most cases, WordPress doesn’t even provide technical support to their end users, which means that if an inexperienced person is stuck somewhere, he or she may never find a solution until communication is established with WP community using other forums. Another serious issue is that WP multisite configuration process requires deep technical knowledge. In order to configure a multisite efficiently, the developer needs to have in-depth programming and coding skills. The code in WordPress is very bloated, to overcome this situation, HTML/CSS/JS minifiers need to be installed but care needs to be taken because the wrong ones can destroy your CPU by altering every request.

Despite all the aforementioned problems, HTML Pro has a specialized team of web designers who readily use this particular content management system and produce highly effective WordPress Website Designs. We analyze the business requirements of our customer’s projects and using a theme we make the necessary changes and add features like WooCommerce by utilizing our technical and coding skills. The great thing about HTML Pro developers is that they love to code, we don’t use plugins that can slow down websites or have any sort of negative impact. We like to hard code any additional features that are required in the design of the website.

Usually, our clients provide a PSD or Sketch for their Design to WordPress website and in case they don’t want us to use a theme, we also design websites from scratch. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our values, so we make sure that they love our work just as much as we do. We give special attention to detail, color palette or any attribute that our clients require in their websites. From the choice of fonts to the overall look and feel of the website, we make sure that the design is absolutely cohesive and appreciated by our valued customers. 

Some of the best WordPress websites developed by HTML Pro are linked below.


1. Yuppy Puppy

With Yuppy Puppy, you can get your dog the service he/she deserves. Yuppy Puppy is an organization passionate about dogs that will keep your dogs as safe as possible. If you’re a busy person, you can hand over your dog to Yuppy Puppy and become carefree. They keep your dog as their own. They also have an adoption centre incase you want to buy a puppy.



2. Bootstrap Legal

With the help of bootstrap legal, you can help yourself find a legal counsellor at affordable prices. As an entrepreneur, there are times when a legal situation is not understandable by you and hiring a lawyer is just too expensive but bootstrap legal is building tools that will provide you legal help in a non-intimidating way.


3. Car Wires

Just as the name, this website is very literal. Car wires has every kind of car wire that you need. No matter the size, the shape, the kind of wire you’re looking for, this website has them all! And they’re in very reasonable prices.




4. All The Birthdays


5. Mii Skin

With the help of MiiSkin, you can prevent yourself from skin cancer. They have experts that will help you find any moles on your body that may lead to skin cancer and you can be saved before time. Their mission is to give you a clean and clear skin so you won’t have to face any problems!   



6. Bep Eatery

Want to order food JUST AS YOU LIKE IT? With Bep eatery, you can prepare a whole meal online and get it delivered to your address. You can get some of the best Vietnamese street food on your doorstep so ‘Get up so that we can get down’



7. Solid Systems

You get office 365 subscriptions, 15% cheaper than what you’re paying right now, all with Solid Systems. They can help you split your bill across multiple businesses.All you need to do is pick up your phone and call them!



8. The Honest Apothecary

Honest apothecary is a website about pharmacy. The word apothecary means ‘Pharmacist’. In this website, you will find anything and everything related to pharmacy, whether we talk about the pharmacy jobs, pharmacist’s interviews, pharmacy careers, opinions of professionals, you find everything on this website!



9. My Wireless LLC

My wireless LLC with provides you with some of the best mobile services. Along with providing world-class mobile phones and data services, new and used inventory competitive prices are offered as well. This company would help you in wireless dealers, carriers, extended warranty providers, wholesale and retailers, all under one roof.


10. Bark Buildings

As the name says ‘bark’, your mind immediately goes to dogs. This website is about helping your dog’s get the best services they can. Many times, it so happens that you have a dog but you’re not able to give them the attention they need. Worry not! With bark buildings, you can book your dog a playdate, plan a party for your dog and much more! Because ‘it shouldn’t be boring being a dog’

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