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What can an About Us page do for your business and how to write it?



Writing an About Us page for your business is one of the most important things in your to-do-list as it sets the guidelines that make your business set apart from your competitors. ‘About Us’ page helps your audience read about your company and have a glimpse over its activities. It shows your passion to your customers, your company mission, and its values. It is also the best place to show your emotional connection with your audience or customers. So with all these things in mind, here are few things that will help you to develop a compelling About Us page for your visitors.

About Us page


Who are you?

The first question that you need to answer to your audience is who are you and what is the nature of your brand. Before writing this introduction, make sure to provide interesting and captivating information to keep your readers engaged.

What are you selling or offering?

You also need to tell your visitors about your company and the services or products you are offering to them. If your product or service is a bit complicated to understand by your customers, then you can explain it to them easily and interestingly.

When do your customers need to visit you?

You can add the opening hours of your business so that your visitors can know when they need to visit your store or purchase a product.

When and why did you start this business?

To create a nice flow on your ‘About Us’ page, you can tell your customers about the starting year of your company or business. You can also tell them why you started this business to show your passion to the customers. Try to explain this step in the form of a story to engage your readers.

Where is your business location?

This information is quite valuable for customers. You can write your address and also take help from the Google maps by providing the authentic location at the bottom of your page. It will enable your customers to easily find you before they are planning to buy a product or service from you.

Who is talking?

It is difficult for you to choose whether an ‘about us’ page is coming straight from the owner, or a third person is speaking about it. This step can be decided by the tone and impression you want to build for your business. If you are a small business, then it is preferable to use the first person, and if you have a giant corporation, then you can go for using the third person. However, if you don’t know how to do this, then HTML PRO  is here to help you.



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