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What is PSD to HTML?



what is psd?

What is PSD?

Before getting forward to what is PSD to HTML?, let’s understand what PSD is? PSD- Photoshop Document is a design form of anything e.g. web template design, App design or game design. Normally we create these designs in Photoshop/illustrator. These designs contain a graphical representation which further gets coded into HTML. The designs are saved in PSD format as a markup to show to clients. Designs are created by professional designers called Graphics Designers. Once designs are approved, they are ready to get code.

Once PSD Done

When we talk about websites and its creation, our first step is to do HTML. Now, once PSD is created, it is then converted into HTML to perform functions into a website. Now the question is what is HTML? And why we use only this term-especially if you guys have no idea about it.

What is HTML

HTML is a programming language- stands for Hypertext Markup Language. When we ask why HTML is necessary? We first need to understand that our browsers only understand HTML it doesn’t understand any design file or format to create a site.

It is a standard coding language that converts fonts, colors, graphics, and hyperlinks to web pages. Relatively other programming languages, HTML is easy and simple to learn.

what is html?

How does it work?

HTML consists of series of text files that contain tags. Every individual tag in HTML file has its own meaning. The text file is saved with “.html” and can be view in any browser.


HTML is done by professionals or code masters who know HTML; as they understand

  • HTML Validation
  • Image Optimization
  • Browser compatibly
  • Mobile Responsive
  • SEO

Current Version

HTML5 is the current version of HTML which replaced many elements and adds some new features in the language. This version is a milestone for developers.


Taking an overall review “PSD to HTML” is a workflow. A graphical document is first created in Photoshop or any other software and then converted into HTML to get web view. For a complete website, only HTML is not enough. CSS is used to style up HTML and JavaScript is to get your site functional able.

For website creation, PSD to HTML workflow is considered as one of the best ways. HTML cleaver coding tricks have released designer tension for unique and technical design. With modern HTML we can create a website in any way we want.


At, we have experienced in-house team of professional HTML developers who have the ability to convert every design/sketch/PSD into pixel perfect, SEO semantic and responsive HTML markup. Feel free to send your designs to and get them converted into fully responsive HTML5/CSS3 code.



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