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Why Migrate From Wix to WordPress?




Wix is the cloud-based free website building platform that helps users to build HTML5 and mobile responsive websites in multiple categories. It started in 2006 and after 6 years Wix management launched new HTML5 site builder platform. According to Wix’s own stats 25 million people are using Wix for their websites and it is growing. But the question is that “Wix’s users are satisfied with its functionalities?” and the answer is “NO”.

I got this answer after lots of research work. I read the reviews section on Wix’s own website and did research on other platforms. I got lots of freelance work on famous outsourcing websites that people are hiring developers to migrate their websites from Wix to WordPress or on other CMSs. Now the question is why wordpress is better choice than Wix?


Wix offers different templates and themes to its users according to their business needs. But these templates have limitations, users don’t have too many options in selection and when we talk about customizations, it is difficult. If a webmaster got a PSD design and now he wants to build it on Wix, it is really a difficult choice because Wix is not a pure CMS. Therefore, Wix’s users have limitations and they can’t think out of the box. When you go with wordpress, you have unlimited options in themes selection, add-ons, plugins, features and many more.

Website Loading Speed

Fast website loading speed is very important aspect of a perfect website. Lots of Wix users complain about its slow speed and they are hiring professional developers to optimize load speed or convert their websites on other CMS. Wix websites have many technical problems related to HTML5 and mobile responsiveness therefore these sites take too much time in loading. That low speed spreads negativity about your website. But when you use wordpress you don’t need to worry about your websites’ speed. You will feel it super fast on all types of devices like mobiles, smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops etc.

Free Website Sounds Good but……

It sounds good to get your own website free of cost but that free Wix website can’t help you in online business. When you go to expand its features and functions they immediately ask for payment. Overall, it could be helpful to small bloggers and very small business owners but not helpful for professionals. When we talk about wordpress, we have 1000s of free responsive themes. Especially for bloggers and small business owners who can run their website in really professional way without paying even a single penny.

Change of Theme and Look & Feel of Website

Once you selected a theme in Wix, you won’t be able to change it or replace it with another one. You are bound to have same theme for whole life. Sometimes, webmasters think to revamp their websites or blogs according to their business needs. Wix doesn’t help its users to change their existing theme and look & feel of their website. In wordpress, you can easily replace your existing theme with any other theme. You are free to change your website’s look & feel. In other words customization in theme or template is very easy in wordpress but impossible in Wix.


When you have free website on Wix platform you have to renounce from your advertising rights. Wix has rights to display ads on your websites and you will not get a penny from this income. Basically there are two ways of earning money from websites, direct sale and advertising. Usually bloggers use different advertising platforms to earn money but Wix doesn’t allow free customers to use advertising rights. On other site, wordpress offers freedom in this scenario. Bloggers can use any advertising platform like Google Adsense and display advertising etc.


Internet marketing is very important when we talk about online business and in internet marketing SEO is the most effective and important method of marketing. Wix doesn’t offer SEO friendly add-ons, features of plugins. Therefore SEO experts have to face difficulties to rank Wix based websites. But wordpress offer a wide range of SEO plugins and add-ons that help SEO experts to get better ranking position in SERP. In short, Wix websites are not SEO friendly websites. It is biggest drawback of using Wix.


If you are thinking to build a business website on Wix, you should refuse this idea because in future you will have to migrate from this free website builder. So start from right step and choose wordpress. You will really enjoy this great CMS of the world. Billions of people around the world already using this user-friendly as well as search engines friendly CMS. No matter you need a small business website, a blog or a big online store. WordPress is your one stop online business solution with reliability.

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