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WooCommerce is an open source eCommerce plugin powered by WordPress. It was launched on September 2011, designed & developed for small and large size of eCommerce websites. WordPress is the best CMS of the world and under WordPress umbrella WooCommerce is the world’s favorite eCommerce solution. With almost 8,400,000 downloads WooCommerce powers over 30% of all online stores of the world. It gives complete control to both, site owner and developer to sell and manage different products. Most highlighted benefit of using WooCommerce is that, it is free. Here we are going to discuss the reasons why WooCommerce is the world’s favorite eCommerce solution?


When we talk about online stores development solutions or eCommerce CMSs, we have wide range of selection like Magento, Joomla, Shopify, Drupal, Cratejoy etc but all these available CMSs are expensive. But at WooCommerce, you can start your online store even without paying a single dollar. WooCommerce is available for absolutely free with extensive features. However it also offers some paid features and extensions to make your online store perfect.


Customization is the very important thing when we talk about website development. Some ecommerce CMSs have limitations of customization like Shopify and Cratejoy. You can’t think out of box and beyond the limits but in WordPress, everything is possible. Its huge flexibility option makes it most favorite than any other CMS of the world. Owner can ask his developer to add any feature in his WooCommerce store because it is easy.

Wide Range of Add-ons & Apps

With the help of several add-ons and apps you can make your WooCommerce store more user-friendly as well as search engines friendly. Merchants don’t need to pay additional charges to use extra functionalities, features, add-ons and plugins. WooCommerce offers hundreds of extensions for its users which help webmasters and developers to make a WooCommerce based website more favorite for customers.

Easy to Build a Blog

Blogging is very powerful tool and it is helpful in SEO. Therefore almost every successful business has its own company blog. All eCommerce CMSs don’t offer built in blog option. Some offer blog option with very limited themes and features but while using WooCommerce you have wide range of themes option as well as features and add-ons. Therefore adding a blog in WooCommerce website is not a big deal.

User Friendly Interface

We all know that wordpress provides the easiest interface similarly its WooCommerce plug-in also has easy interface which helps webmasters to manage their online store. Usually ecommerce website management is not an easy job and webmasters have to contact their developers. When it comes to WooCommerce merchants can easily add products, data, content, images and all necessary stuff on their website without getting help of developers.

SEO Friendly

Usually SEO experts feel difficulties to work on eCommerce website because they have to face troubles in on-page SEO but while using WooCommerce they feel comfort because they have wide range of add-ons which help in on-page SEO. Search engines love wordpress CMS because of its friendly features and extensions. Therefore WooCommerce based online store has more chances than other CMSs to get better ranking in search engines.

A Complete eCommerce Solution

Without any doubt WooCommerce is one stop online business solution. Its users don’t need to be worried about shopping cart and payment methods. It provides built-in shopping cart and payment methods which help merchants and developers to save their time and money. From starting to complex customization, WooCommerce is the best platform for a great online store development.

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