HTML Pro® Transforms Medical Facility's Work Processes

Implemented applications comprise of multiple systems that are integrated to completely automate the processes involved in functioning of a medical equipment facility.

Problem Statement

    • Difficulty in delivery verification (proof of delivery)
    • Huge amounts of paperwork
    • Usage of multiple non-integrable third-party systems
    • No system to store & organize the customer information
    • Bottleneck of resources

Solution implemented

Three phased approach was used to overcome the problem


Phase 1:

Identify and understand the user needs.


Phase 2:

Develop a user experience and information architecture that meets needs.


Phase 3:

Front end and back end development based on latest coding standards.


Initial Analysis

    • Big Data for handling and management of user data and patient records
    • Data analytics for the performance improvements in applications
    • Node.Js & native IOS for development and implementation
    • OCR, template management

Techniques Used

    • We created the strategy and developed systems to revolutionize brick and mortar business that involved the digital transformation
    • Entire workflow by revamping the documentation flow, reorganizing the communication processes
    • Decentralized the data creating fully integrated systems for the separate components of the business


    • Requirement analysis
    • Feasibility Study
    • Data management strategy
    • Development and integration


Final Outcomes

    • Complete business process automation
    • Increased customer satisfaction index
    • Resource bottleneck removal
    • Op-Ex (operational expenses) reduction

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