Boost in revenue by 341%

for a leading Technology Company after embedding key conversion methods and enhanced UX/UI design

problem statement

  • High abandonment rate on website
  • Visitors leaving the website without purchasing
  • Low rankings on search engines
  • Key information missing from content
  • Difficult to navigate

Solution implemented

Four phased approach was used to overcome the problem


Phase 1:

Identify and understand the user needs.


Phase 2:

Develop a user experience and information architecture that meets needs.


Phase 3:

Front end and back end development based on latest coding standards .



  • Produced a shortlist of personas and user situations
  • Determined primary and secondary personas
  • Stack ranked use cases based on frequency, user relevance, and strategic importance for our client
  • Validated the resulting priority matrix with current users

Techniques used

  • Conducted focus groups/ interviews with company stakeholders
  • Desk analysis (competitive scenario and eco-system)
  • In-person telephonic interviews with users/end consumers
  • Internal workshop for idea generation & prioritization


  • List of use cases and personas, sorted by priority
  • Interview transcripts
  • Survey results

Final Outcome & Business Value

  • Redesigned responsive website as per industry niche
  • 67% Increase of time spent on website by visitor’s
  • Revenue through better conversions increased by 341%
  • Organic ranking of website increased due to high quality code and embedded SEO standards
  • 50% more visitors from smart devices due to responsive website design

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