Convert Your Visitors into Customers with Live Chat Support


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best live chat software
Usually, webmasters look upset about the conversion rate of their websites. At HTML Pro, we get a number of queries from clients on regular basis about lack of conversion despite having good traffic. Getting less traffic is another issue but here we are talking about less conversion rate.

Plenty of things required to increase conversion of a particular website like Call to action, user-friendly contact form, highlighted order now or required action button and clear contact information. Apart from all these points one of the most effective thing is live chat for customer support on your website.

Having a live chat support trend is increasing rapidly but still, billions of websites don’t have live chat support and according to users’ point of view, it is the biggest drawback.  If you really want to increase your conversion rate you need to have live chat support for better customer experience especially for ecommerce businesses. Now the question is “how to get better live chat software?”  You don’t need to worry about it. Several live chat softwares are available online for free as well as paid pacakges.

Bontact is one of the most effective live chat softwares helping millions of businesses for better customers’ communication, offering live chat, callbox, text messaging and emails. Just install Bontact on your website and start communicating with your visitors and get more opportunities to convert them into clients. Bontact offers free as well as paid planes for small to big businesses. Now question comes in mind why Bontact for live chat when we have other options?

Why Bontact for Live Chat?

  • Easy to install
  • Simple to start
  • Bontact is Free (offers paid plans too)
  • Multiple chat agents in same time
  • Chat + Calling + SMS + Emails
  • Unlimited Call Recording
  • CRM integration
  • Equal response for local & international users
  • High quality of voice call
  • Auto message for custom in case all busy lines

Get Bontact live chat now for better user experience and more conversion. For more details about rates check it’s pricing and chose according to your business requirements. If you face any problem while setting live chat on your website feel free to contact