How to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency: Red Flags and Key Questions

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You probably came here because you’re about to hire a digital marketing agency and you’re not sure what attributes you should be looking for. The good news is that you can assess any agency using the checklist below and identify any red flags that you should find alarming.

Why do we hire digital marketing agencies? There can be many reasons for that; you might not be completely satisfied with your current marketing team, there might be a lot of work piled up and you need someone to help you ease the load. Sometimes all you need is a little guidance to sketch out a great marketing campaign or you might just not know where to start. Bottom line is that you need a digital marketing agency to help you out with one of the most crucial tasks that have the ability to revolutionize your online presence.

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Top Ten E-Commerce Platforms

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You likely run across online merchants weekly, possibly even daily, without even thinking about it. Some of the most popular websites online are using some of these great online selling portals to engage with over 2 billion users. Each platform has positives for any given scenario, and on the flip side, each platform may have drawbacks as well. Below we will discuss some of the factors and considerations of each. Read more