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Is SEO Necessary for Online Business? – SEO Tips


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First of all to talk about the importance and necessity of SEO, it is essential to know about this question, “What is SEO?” Search engine optimization or in short “SEO” is a methodology of techniques use to increase the website performance for users and to increase the visitors to a website. Its ultimate purpose is to get high ranking placement in different search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc) for particular keywords. With the help of SEO you can make your website user-friendly as well as search engines friendly.

Online market is very competitive market, where everyone is trying to get better ranking in search engines. Search engines get billions of queries from users on daily basis regarding different questions and search terms related to different products and services. If a person needs a particular product or service and he has no clue about its providers, definitely he will give preference to search it in search engines. Therefore every webmaster and market wants to see his website on top in SERP against particular search term and it happens when your SEO campaign is awesome. So SEO is necessary to be successful in online business. Here we are going to discuss some points that why SEO is necessary?

Why SEO is Necessary?

It is Long Term Investment

Some webmasters think that it is additional expense but in fact it is not an expense. It is long term investment; which will help your business to earn money for long time. An effective SEO campaign can bring happy days for your business. Without doing SEO you can’t achieve your business goals in online market.

It Helps in Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is necessary for a business and SEO can make your brand well recognized. Webmasters and marketers invest lots of money for branding but when you are doing SEO for your website, you don’t need to invest additionally on brand awareness. It is not just helpful in brand awareness but also increases brand authority.

It is Cost Effective

When we talk about SEO campaign, webmasters think that it is very costly but in reality it is cost effective. Over the years SEO has been proven the most cost effective method of internet marketing. If you go with paid marketing and advertising, including SEM you have to pay on per click which is really an expensive way of marketing. But once you got good ranking position in SERP, you will get clicks in free.

It Helps People to Find Your Website

Without marketing any product or service can’t get response from market. In online business website is the hub of your business and your all sales and leads comes via your website. Therefore it is necessary to have appearance in search engines. SEO helps a lot in local business searches. For example you are running a Chinese food restaurant in California and people of California are unaware about your restaurant. When they will find about Chinese restaurant in California, Google will show them your restaurant but it will happen only when you go with SEO.

It Increase Leads and Sales

The ultimate purpose of doing SEO is to increase leads and sales. When you are doing great in SEO, you have more opportunities to increase your revenue. Keywords ranking matter a lot in whole SEO campaign. For example if someone is searching PSD Design to HTML and your website appears in top results, you have more chances to get sale. What if you have a great website, amazing products and services but you have not appearance in search engine? Definitely your great website and services are useless.

It Increases Traffic & Conversion

SEO helps to target particular market and keywords for your business and bring opportunities to get hundreds of daily visitors on your website just in few months. When you have hundreds of daily visitors on your website definitely you have more opportunities of conversion. Without doing SEO, it is almost impossible to bring traffic on a website or blog.


SEO is not worthless, it is necessary for online business growth. SEO leverages social media marketing because in latest SEO technique social media marketing is not separate from SEO. It considers as the crucial part of SEO because billions of people are using social sites. SEO can play vital role in your business growth so never underestimate the power and worth of quality SEO service.

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