HTML Coding Guidelines & W3C Standards

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HTML Coding guidelines
The ultimate aim of a front-end developer should be to develop HTML that would meet W3C standards since W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) validator is the world finest quality checker of HTML code. I found many programmers whether working as a freelancer or under an agency, neglect the HTML coding guidelines and in the result, they fail to meet the W3C standards. It’s not that simple though to meet the W3C HTML validator standards, especially when someone is not following the proper HTML coding guidelines. Now the question arises; what are the guidelines for HTML coding? Here, we are going to share the most important HTML standards with the hope our readers will learn from this topic share views if they face any issues adopting it.

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A Comprehensive History of HTML

a brief history of html

What is HTML?

HTML is a standard markup language which describes different web documents. It helps for tagging text files to achieve different elements like fonts, text, colors, style, images, and hyperlink effects on World Wide Web pages. Read more

Behind Every Successful Website There is Perfect HTML Code

perfect html coding

No one can build a beautiful, high and great building on weak bases. When we talk about the base of a website, it is HTML. So to build a successful, flawless and a best professional website we need perfect HTML. All webmasters are not technical persons. Majority of them are completely unaware about the technicalities of HTML and website development. So they have to depend on HTML experts. In this scenario selection of a best HTML conversion service is very important. Here we are going to talk about those elements which make a HTML perfect. Read more

Essentials of High Quality HTML Code

basics of html code

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the standard markup language used to create web pages. In simple words we can say it is basic language to develop multipurpose web pages. Different people use different ways to write HTML codes. Some use online converters (software) and other use hand-coding. Most important thing is the quality of HTML code and for this purpose HTML experts have to keep in mind lots of points. Here we are going to discuss about the essentials of high quality HTML code. Read more