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  • Professional Quality Assurance Services New York

    Work with a highly experienced team to ensure rigorous Quality assurance standards.


    Why HTML Pro® is the Best Company for Quality Assurance Services?

    HTML Pro® prides itself due to the rigorous quality testing parameters that are deployed and implemented by the team throughout the span of a project. Our extended experience has enabled us to offer our services externally. Our experienced QA team analyses and creates custom QA checklists that will ensure a higher quality outcome with increased efficiency.


    Multi Industry Experienced Experts

    Our quality assurance specialists have expertly navigated through hundreds and thousands of errors and bugs in projects across multi industries and organizational sizes. As a result of deploying their expertise businesses can not only maintain a firm control on the quality of their services but also improve the profit yield by ramping up continuous productivity levels.


    Functional Tests

    A series of tests are run on the finished product with respect to its functionality that ensure the quality and functionality of the product which is being sent as the live version. These tests are specifically designed to target any functional abnormalities or errors that may cause a drastic impact on the user experience if left uncaught. Our experts make sure to run the designed tests on the product at least twice to ensure that no error has been overlooked.


    Smoke Tests

    Smoke tests are specifically designed to maintain a smooth execution of the software and establish beforehand if any fatal bugs have been created that may hinder the process of production.This tiered approach towards the testing and developmental process increases efficiency and ramps up productivity levels resulting in a higher profit yield.


    Adhoc Tests

    Adhoc tests are specifically designed to test the durability of your product and the strength of your code. Our experts try to “break” your software or product by findind any or all loopholes that may have slipped through in the code. Activities that a normal user would not perform are made part of the testing process; which ensures that the end result is of the highest quality and does not contain any loopholes that can cause it to collapse in an ulikely event.


    Regression tests

    The process of quality assurance is an iterative one. After the initial testing, the identified bugs are fixed and than the bugs are run through the product again to make sure that all of the identified ones are eradicated. This process is repeated until the experts are completely satisfied and the quality of the product being delivered is ensured.

    design-htmlFunctionality Testing

    • Functional Testing
    • Security and Access Control Testing
    • Application testing
    • Environment testing
    • Platform integration testing

    design-htmlNon-Functional Testing

    • Performance and Load Testing
    • Stress Testing
    • Stability / Reliability Testing
    • Volume testing
    • Installation testing
    • Usability Testing
    • Configuration Testing

    design-htmlChange related testing

    • Unit Testing
    • Smoke Testing
    • Regression Testing
    • Sanity Testing

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    Yes, we do have project management system in place where we track the progress in a very systematic and organized way. We also track the progress with the help of tracking systems such as Basecamp, Slack and Skype for instant internal communication.
    Yes, we have expert team of Analysts, Specialist and expert Developers who are certified as per W3C standards. Every Project is passed by Experts and Quality Assurance team with compliance of set rules and standards of industry high quality coding service. This help us achieve 98% client satisfaction rate.
    Even though we're expert in Sketch to HTML Design Conversions, we can also accept .PSD, .PNG, .AI, .PDF & Other design file formats. Best results for CrateJoy Web Design are possible in layered files.
    We accept Credit Cards, PayPal, and Debit Cards. For US clients, we also offer the facility to make payment via Wire Transfer in US Local Banks. Please review our terms and conditions to know more about it.
    We value your privacy and can sign Non-Disclosure Agreement on demand.

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