CrateJoy Vs Shopify – Which one is better?

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For small to medium-sized business owners and entrepreneurs looking to start their own business, e-commerce solutions are a common need for your business. Depending on the nature of the business, you may be in need of a particular online sales platform. If you have a subscription-based model, CrateJoy is something you should familiarize yourself with. Read more

Fuel Your Online Business with Responsive Website

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responsive website

Do you love driving profit for your business? Well, I believe there would be no person on this planet “Earth” who don’t agree with this fact! Ignite your actions, get a responsive website and there you go on the road to success. While having smart-phones and tablets with us wherever we go, they are no more restricted to stay in our handbags and pockets even for a second. The ever-changing technology of mobile access happening with a blink of an eye ultimately leaves no room for businesses to stop for some duration and brainstorm how to catch up the on-going scenario.

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It’s Time to Convert Your Non-Responsive Website into Responsive

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convert non-responsive website into responsive
Basically there are two kinds of website, non-responsive and responsive. Non-responsive websites are those sites which are just for desktop users on 960 pixels wide layout. These kinds of websites are still great for desktop users but when a smart phone or tablet user opens non-responsive website it doesn’t respond properly. In other words, non-responsive sites are not user-friendly and these are out of fashion now. Read more

Essentials for Responsiveness of a Website

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With the increasing number of portable devices, Responsive Designs are getting popularity with double pace. The count of mobile users is constantly increasing and every user wants to go along with the web applications and websites that can run efficiently on their devices offering an optimal viewing experience. Read more