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Facebook ad campaigns for business
We live in a world where everything you do, one way or the other, ends up on social media. Social media is the key source for everything. You buy on social media, you sell on social media, you basically do EVERYTHING on social media (And this is not even an exaggeration). All of this is done through social media marketing and when it comes to social media marketing, one of the most effective marketing strategies’ is facebook ad campaign. Social media marketing can easily be considered as one of the best ways for advertising.

With the help of social media marketing, you can see your sales rise with in a number of days. But of course, for such an act to be possible, one needs to know how to make social media marketing work. Of course, when it comes to social media you’re not only bound to one application. You have instagram, twitter, pinterest and much more, However, here, we are going to focus on Facebook. For starters, let’s discuss what facebook ad campaigns are:


We all use Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook for the general public and we the users have held nothing back. Facebook is one of the most used and browsed application since 2010. Which is why, when you start an ad campaigns on Facebook, you’ll be able to reach a larger audience. Facebook ad campaigns are the ads that you put on Facebook for the promotion of your products and services. With the help of your Facebook ads you have no idea, how many people get awareness regarding your products. Facebook ad campaigns are very important for your social media marketing. Why, you ask? This is because through your Facebook ad campaigns you put your products out in the digital world for it to see. If you have recently started a business online, your first act should be raising awareness amongst your target audience. However just posting something on social media will not get you any recognition, your efforts should be accessible to a larger group of people. That is what Facebook ad campaigns are for!

Now that we’re clear about what Facebook ad campaigns are, you need to learn how they work.


You can’t just start working on something without planning it out. The first and foremost thing you need to do is jot down your objectives. Following are some of the objectives that will help you plan your strategy:
Always know what your goals are. List down a number of things that you need to target before your start working on.
Know your target audience. If you’re going to start a business online, you need to know what group of people are you targeting.
Decide what medium will you be using for your advertisement.
Note down which are some of the best practices for creative content
Build your campaign structure and finalize a budget for it.

When it comes to facebook, there are two types of promotional strategies that you can use:
1. Facebook ads
2. Boost post
They both sound like they are the same thing but they are not. Many people confuse Facebook Ad’s with boost posts and often get disappointed when things don’t work out for them. So here is a difference between Facebook ads and boost posts:


A Facebook advertisement is when you’re promoting your entire page. It is reaching multiple people as a whole. On the other hand, a boost post is when you boost ONE particular post that you think might get the best customer engagement.

Facebook ads
A boost post is very much recommended because through boosting a post, you get more customers to follow up on your work. No one has time to open an entire page and read every single thing but with boosting one post, you can get many people following your content since viewing lesser content is easier on the eyes. Also, Boost post costs way less than an entire advertisement.


Now that you know the difference between a Facebook ad campaign and a boost post, you can make a wiser and much better choice regarding your brand promotion. Still not clear on how to go about promoting your business? Fret not, this article covers all the steps. Let’s take the discuss a step further and take a look at how to build a Facebook ad campaign.


When it comes to objectives, there are several things you need to understand

Choosing Objective
The image above has multiple options in it but don’t worry, for your ease, each one of these options is explained. When you’re going to start a business online, you would want to know each and everything that you can do, in order to make things right for your Sale. There are two basic features that need to be understood before we proceed to any other part of building an ad campaign. Traffic and Conversion. When we talk about these two terms, you should be clear on the fact that traffic and conversion are NOT THE SAME THING. Although, both of them are used to encourage people to visit your website but they are a little different. How? Let’s take a look.


Traffic, through facebook, sends people to your destination (Your website) but conversion optimizes your ad delivery to get people to take actions on your website. Traffic is the amount of people that visit your page on a daily basis. Your facebook traffic is very important once you get your business started because you would want to have a good number of people visiting your page.


On the other hand, an action that a person takes on your website such as checking out, registering, adding an item to the shopping cart, or viewing a particular page is what conversion is. It sounds same as Traffic but it is not. If you optimize the delivery of your advertisement to take specific actions to your website, audience is more likely to perform conversion events. Virtually any page on your website can represent a conversion, you can create and add the Facebook pixel code on any page of your website.

Now that that’s out of the way, the next thing you need to understand is the product catalog sales.


This serves as a worker for your product catalog, it allows facebook to optimize your ads and promote additional products.

facebook ads
NOTE: If you use this, you need to give product feed integration

Lastly, learn about the most important point, Store Visits.


This allows you to analyze how many people have visited your website and seen or bought your products. All these stats are numerically represented, so it’s easier for you to identify interested customers.


Targeting and placement are two of the most important things when it comes to Facebook Advertisement.

facebook targeting


Targeting is a term we’re all familiar with, when it comes to Facebook ads, you need to be sure you’re choosing the right audience for your brand. There are three types of customers:
Core Audience: These are the audience who are keenly interested in buying your products. You select these audience manually based on their characteristics (i.e: Age and location)
Custom Audiences: Connect with your customers via uploading your contact list on Facebook.
Lookalike Audience: Use your customers information to find people who are similar to them through Facebook.


Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure how effective your advertising is with the help of the actions people take on your website. Once you have this tool installed, you can create your own custom audience through people who have visited your website.You can also retarget your audience using these actions. Which in turn will help you to create lookalike audience, from your retargeted audience.


With the help of custom audience, you can reach customers you already know with the help of ads on Facebook.
For many Facebook marketers, lookalike audiences are the best way to scale your budget in a profitable way. However, it is important for you to layer on additional targeting as well in order to keep your targeting more precise.


Ad creatives provides you with a layout that contains content for your Facebook advertisement. Some of the best practices for ad creatives are as following:
The question here is that what is Carousel and Collection?
In Carousel ad links, you have the option of adding more images, products, services and promotions. With the help of this you can get more engagement from people, more clicks, more conversations and more highlights. If you want to use Carousel, you just have to select any website’s landing page to give your designer an idea of how you want your page to look like.

On the other hand, in collection ads, brands use videos or images to highlight the story or message they want to communicate. With collection ads, loading your ads is a lot more faster.
It is also more immersive than a carousel.


There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind:
-If you’re using a promo code in your ad, be sure to make it visible on the landing page.
-Have a clear call to action and back it up with a valuable proposition.
-Write words like ‘Learn more’ instead of ‘Shop now’ for products people are unfamiliar with.


Facebook campaigns needs 3 parts to run:
Campaign: In a campaign you give more than one ad sets ads and create separate campaigns for each objective.
Ad set: Ad sets contain more ads. Organize ad sets by audience.
Ad: The creative you use makes your ad. In order to optimize ‘creative’, you need to create multiple ads, although, you’re not allowed to have more than 50 ads per set. Review your ad performance regularly to see how much progress you’re making.


When you’re building an ad campaign, obviously, you would have to keep the money in mind. Budgeting is very important when it comes to ad making. You should be willing to spend a good amount of money in building a campaign if you want to get a lot of traffic on your page. You have to be clear about how much you can spend and how much money you’re willing to give away. It is advised to talk to someone about your budget before you go on and spend a lot of money on your campaign. You need to know how much you’re willing to spend on your ad, per day or if you’re willing to spend on a monthly or yearly bases. Whatever suits your budget and business the most.

For a person who just entered the world of digital marketing, an expert is required that can help them go through this long process of campaigns. Facebook ad campaigns have been proved to be very effective once they start working. Many business owners have created a hype and sold many products through this ad campaign. With this digital world that we live in now, it’s important to have knowledge about these things so that you can pursue them in the future.

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