Top Ten E-Commerce Platforms

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You likely run across online merchants weekly, possibly even daily, without even thinking about it. Some of the most popular websites online are using some of these great online selling portals to engage with over 2 billion users. Each platform has positives for any given scenario, and on the flip side, each platform may have drawbacks as well. Below we will discuss some of the factors and considerations of each. Read more

Complete cycle on how to successfully complete a PSD to HTML & Web Design Project

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You see a lot of web companies throughout the world, but there are hardly some companies that can see best approaches to complete a web development cycle. I’ll let you know what is the best way to not only complete a web development cycle but to make it successful and to develop a long-term customer relationship. Following things must be kept in mind:

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Top 10 Premium Fashion Website Template Themes

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To start with, are you the one who would like to develop their business and set up their own website that will show your products or services to the whole world? I am sure you would, as you are on this page right now! All in all, these days owning a beautiful and perfectly running online project is a real must-have for every successful person. Read more

Call for Schools to Prepare Future Tech Workers with Best Coding Practices

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Increasingly the economy, and people’s lives, are becoming reliant on, and shaped by, computer science. Coding used to be viewed as an activity to be pursued only by specialists. But the enormous developments in technology over the last twenty years have changed that perspective. Websites, mobile applications, social media platforms and software are now mainstream and used by the public every day. Read more

SSL To Become Mandatory For January 2017

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Google has recently announced a new update on the web searches which will be effective in January 2017.

What is Google About to do?

Google is going to add security icons on the search bar to warn users first. The HTTP connection has never been labeled as non-secure on chrome. Read more

Chrome Is Making Web Search Better


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To make web search more secure and better, Chrome is going to indicate a security icon in address bar. The HTTP connection has never been labeled as non-secure in Chrome. It is now said that beginning in January 2017 Chrome 56 will mark all HTTP pages that collects personal data e.g. passwords and credit card information as non-secure and will implement this on all HTTP sites for a long term.

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5 Reasons Your Website Needs Live Chat

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Oddly enough, the digitalization of our lives has made us a little uncomfortable with in-person dealing. The trend has begun to show in businesses as well where public speaking used to be the sole maker or breaker of the deal. Because brands have active online essences, customers find online interaction more feasible than physical interaction. This progression of online interaction coupled with the rapid emergence of e-stores gives you digitized customers who want digital support. Fair enough. If it is the demand of the masses and the need of the hour, then it is what you must provide on your website: live chat.

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Reasons to Choose Bluehost as a Web Hosting Service

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A trustworthy Web Hosting Service is an essential part of online business as your website’s reliability depends on many factors relating to a web host.  I would say, it is so crucial to select the best web hosting service to avoid unexpected shutdowns. If your website is down, one should expect a decline in customer satisfaction and sales. Downtime or slow hosting services can literally ruin your website rankings and thus, if you’re spending on other factors to boost your website up in online rankings, a poor hosting service can be a disaster to your efforts. Website owners should always look to select the highest ranked hosting company to provide uninterrupted business services to their customers. Read more

Convert Your Visitors into Customers with Live Chat Support

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best live chat software
Usually, webmasters look upset about the conversion rate of their websites. At HTML Pro, we get a number of queries from clients on regular basis about lack of conversion despite having good traffic. Getting less traffic is another issue but here we are talking about less conversion rate. Read more

Why MailChimp is the Best Option in Email Marketing?

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Email marketing is the most influential, powerful and eager source to get traffic and sales leads in a short time. According to The Radicati Group, Inc (A technology Market Research Firm) there are more than 2.6 billion email users worldwide and that figure is increasing rapidly. They are predicting 2.9 billion email users till 2019. Therefore, smart marketers give great importance to this medium of e-marketing. Lots of email marketing services are available online but few are best among all. By judging on certain criteria, MailChimp is considered one of the best and widely used email marketing software for all kinds and sizes of businesses.

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