A Complete Real Estate Customer Management Systems

A renowned realtor that needed to manage his growing client list efficiently while maintaining the best practices of customer relations as to benefit his business.

Problem Statement

    • Manual Follow ups create ambiguity
    • Difficulty in managing increasing number of clients
    • More Time & Money investment in customer relationship management
    • Higher error ratio due to manual follow ups

Solution implemented

Three phased approach was used to overcome the problem


Phase 1:

Identify and understand the user needs.


Phase 2:

Develop a user experience and information architecture that meets needs.


Phase 3:

Front end and back end development based on latest coding standards.


Initial Analysis

    • Detailed Requirement Analysis of the Client’s needs
    • Industry oriented research
    • Detailed Use case development
    • Feasibility Analysis with respect to integrating applications.

Techniques Used

    • Frameworks used: Laravel + Bootstrap + JQuery
    • Integration of a messaging system (Twilio)
    • Integration of third party payment system (Authorize.net)
    • Integrated Calendar Buddy to keep track of schedule & events.
    • Voice recognition
    • ECard System and Notifications with Newsletters.


    • Upload clients, friends and family list
    • Add clients’ important special occasions
    • Move from active client to closed client at the touch of a button
    • Enjoy customized communication features for active or closed clients
    • Create a Personalized File for each client
    • Book of Business
    • Schedule 12 months of Client Communication

Final Outcomes

    • Salez Storm created a facility for clients and realtors to connect with each other easily.
    • In time follow ups and automated notifications
    • The platform increased the readability of text messages to 90%
    • Increased profits ratio by 70% .

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