Intelligent Stock Bidding Bot Implemented by HTML Pro®

HTML Pro® developed an artificially intelligent stock bidding bot and integrated it with one of the bigger stocks and security exchange platform, automating the analysis as well as buy and purchase processes.

Problem Statement

    • Higher time investment to yield profitable outcomes
    • Loss of business due to the human in accuracy and limitations
    • Manal system created limitations in analysis & trend prediction
    • Proper documentation.

Solution implemented

Three phased approach was used to overcome the problem


Phase 1:

Identify and understand the user needs.


Phase 2:

Develop a user experience and information architecture that meets needs.


Phase 3:

Front end and back end development based on latest coding standards.


Initial Analysis

    • A feasibility study with respect to selected platform and expected functionalities  
    • The Domain Study and integration study for the given platform
    • Identification of Indexing and calculable Variables
    • Use cases were identified and categorized
    • A single page (see all at once) layout was invented, proposed and verified with the Client


    • Algorithm analysis
    • Measurement indexes and matrices Reverse engineering
    • Comet Architecture
    • Multi-threaded architecture
    • Real-time processing and application flow
    • Run-time intake from user for variables to be used in index measurements
    • Automation of Buy and Purchase based on dynamic settings
    • AWS hosted application


    • An architecture was developed which addressed real-time calculation requirements all the while retaining the architectural properties like scalability, expandability and robustness
    • Parallel development for multiple components
    • Measurement Indexes reverse – engineered
    • Algorithm analysis carried out

Final Outcomes

    • Allows the management of multiple businesses
    • Readily available actionable data and insights to predict the trends
    • Millions of dollars in trade on good market days
    • Constant market monitoring and automated sale, purchase
    • Ability to manually define to set the upper & lower cap
    • Increased trend predictability by the applications of machine learning algorithms

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